SIGNALIS – Survival Guide (Tips, Bosses, Endings)

Advice for surviving SIGNALIS, the boss fights and every ending.

Guide to Survive

Spoiler-Free Tips

Know what to carry

Throughout the entire game you will only have six inventory slots, so it’s important to manage this properly. From my experience and hearing from others I find that the best way to manage your inventory is the following:

  • 1 Slot for a weapon.
  • 1 Slot for ammo.
  • 1 Slot for a utility item (Stun, Flashlight, etc).
  • 1 Slot for healing items.
  • 2 Slots for Key Items (I suggest taking these right to storage until you know they are needed).

This layout for the inventory is balanced for having everything you need and having enough space to have key items on you without needing to juggle many items around storage.

Know when to use ammo

Ammo management can be incredibly rough given you only have six inventory slots for the game. My general rule is that if I’m in a wide area then I can probably dodge most enemies taking little to no hits, saving ammo for tough fights and tight areas you need to shoot your way through.

Know when to burn bodies

Burning bodies is best reserved for passageways you will be going back and fourth an area a lot, typically when trying to gather a lot of items. This is the best way to manage burning bodies as there is no point wasting uses on a room you probably wont go back into.

Check your doors

I find it best to try and map out what is and is not accessible each time you enter a new room by running by the doors will give you a popup of if it can be entered, is locked by a key or is inaccessible. This can be useful for saving time as I have gone back to rooms where I did not check doors just to find they are inaccessible.

Spoiler Warning!

Dealing with Bosses

Focusing on boss fights and specific endings.

Final Boss Fight – Falke

Suggested Items:

  • 1 Slot dedicated to Healing Items, preferably what you have the most of.
  • 1 Slot for the Pistol
  • 1 Slot for the SMG
  • 1 Slot for SMG Ammo (Pistol is fine if you don’t have enough SMG Ammo)
  • 2 Empty slots for Spears

I do not suggest using Tank Controls for this fight but it is up to preference.

My general strategy is to focus fire on Falke in the early part of the fight with SMG Fire, they should quickly fall to the ground. Once this happens pick and Spears to fill your inventory, run up to Falke and interacting should stab them with a Spear.

Each time Falke is stabbed with a Spear the area you are in will change, which will bring enemies and items. Take any ammo for your weapons if you need it and my general strategy for dealing with the normal enemies is to just make distance and focus all fire onto Falke.

Falke also has their own attacks but these are relatively simple to dodge and there should be a healing item around if you ever take damage from these. The main concerns with Falke’s attacks is dodging them while also making sure not to get hit by any roaming enemies. If the roaming enemies do start to become a problem then it might be best to shoot a few down if you have the ammo to spare.

As the fight progresses Falke will gain shields, first three shields but six shields towards the end. These can be frustrating to deal with while avoiding taking damage but make sure to take it slow as your cursor tells you if you shot will hit if the square is clear. Once Falke has been stabbed with enough Spears the fight will end and you will progress towards your ending.



  • Requirements: None

Fake Anti-Climatic ending where Elster appears to die after escaping the fleshy hell area through the tablet door. The game can be continued by selecting Begin on the menu.


  • Requirements: Try to beat the game quickly, avoid combat when possible, avoid damage but don’t stay at full health too much and avoid talking to NPCs.

This seems to be the most common ending. Elster returns to the ship to find Ariane(Alina?), a corpse resembling Elster at the start of the game can be found in the mess hall. Upon finding Ariane she does not remember Elster, despite this Elster lies next to her as Ariane reaches out her hand. The two together one last time before death.


  • Requirements: Take longer to beat the game, kill many enemies (no specific number I know of) and stay on lower health as much as possible.


This seems to be the worst possible ending. When Elster returns to the ship, they can explore like usual. Interacting with the Mess Hall corpse makes Elster mention that they did not keep their promise. Entering the Cryo-Room instead results in Elster leaving the ship instead, there is no reveal of Ariane in the Cryo-Pod. As Elster leaves there are some flashing sentences about failing to keep the promise before Elster collapses. It is safe to assume Elster dies here, Ariane will also die in the Cryo-Pod eventually.


  • Requirements: Open the Safe with three keys and a code

Key One: While connected to frequency 96.000, inside the room with the four cages inspect the bottom right cage.

Key Two: While connected to frequency 65.000, inside the 8th floor dorm inspect the bookshelf.

Key Three: While connected to frequency 240.000, behind the Rotfront bookstore inspect the shelves.

Code: 39486601702432601064

This is the games secret ending, now finally figured out from the discussion thread. I wont summarise this one as I dont fully understand myself right now, but I believe it is also VERY open to interpretation.

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  1. The world looks different in “Leave” ending than in any other scene. It’s not in a “sea of blood” and it’s not in the snow either. Considering that she looks normal in it and doesn’t have any armor, up until the reveal of the fourth ending I was under the impression that “Leave” might actually be the only ending that happens in reality. They crash land, Elster can’t bring herself to kill Ariane, leaves the ship and dies outside. Nothing that happened in the game was real and was probably just in her mind as she was bugging out and dying.

  2. Could it be “Leave” like any other iteration where she doesn’t reach the ship? remember in the cutscenes when she crosses the door, you can see many corpses in the red desert/snow, also in “Leave” Elster has the regular suit, not the armor. Also the many bodies in the elevator with the same armor kind of hints that those iterations did not reached that far.
    “Promise” could be another iteration(s) before “Memory” because in Promise she leaves her corpse as replacement parts for Memory, also the red environment of Promise matches the scene where Elster gets a new arm(of course no idea where the armor got into the iterations). Also in “Memory” where Ariane does not recognizes Elster, could be because Elster mixed with Falke? Remember there are notes before Falke’s battle that implies this. Also Adler mentions that Falke got sick by looking at the Island paint, this island being memories of Ariane/Elster

  3. Worth noting that Elster will make the same remark about not ‘keeping her promise’ regardless of the ending. She said the same thing in my playthrough, and I got the ‘Promise’ ending (funnily enough). To speculate, I think it has to do with Elster ‘originally’ having failed to keep her promise, as she died to some kind of illness. Only in the final loop does she succeed to reach Ariane in her cryopod.

    How she can be dead and alive at the same time I am not really sure, not to mention that we end up being the corpse that we previously scavanged for an arm and breastplate. I suspect that it is all just a dream being played out in Ariane’s own dying mind, but this is a discussion to be had elsewhere.

  4. You drop down prior to reaching the box.

    You enter the base on Floor 1 (where school is and where Isa sits alone if you go up the elevator).
    Then you explore Floor 2 (Kitchen, miners’ living quarters, interrogation and isolation),

    Floors 3-4 are dedicated to the hospital (most of floor 4 is unavailable, I assume it’s probably flooded with exception of surgery room and the few rooms you visit on the way to the vent)

    Floor 5 is maintenance, not much there beyond the generator you activate to repair the elevators

    Floors 6-8 – living quarters, workshop, library.

    Mines. Self-explanatory.

    Caves under the mines.


    Short return trip to the school



    • The first tip was the SSTV of a cage in that room, the second was the SSTV painting and the third was some messed up SSTV of the area behind the bookstore in Rotfront.

  5. It’s in the first area you can explore after you drop down the hole inside school.

    There’s a hallway with 3 rooms: room with a safe, save room and room with butterfly box. To the west is a small hallway patrolled by a single enemy. There are 2 rooms there. One is the interrogation room where you can get the paper with frequencies for safes, and the other is the isolation room with 4 cages and one patrolling Replika.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      I remember the butterfly box, but I forget when did I drop down the hole inside school.
      There are many independent areas here. I can’t remember very well
      S-23 → Mining Area → Silent Hill Area (Isa with double shot rifle) → Rotfront (Memory) → End

  6. for mynah boss in survival

    make sure you have 2 termites and 2 stun rods. stun rod is mandatory but it will take down minion fast

    fight the boss as usual. when she summon her minions quickly dispatch them using rod and use terminites

    after that the boss is easy, simply bait and wait, when she is on her knees blast away with your shotgun or handgun

    ps. make sure your reticle itu not cross square when shooting her

  7. In the part about bosses, when writing about the cage with hands from the cave section make a note that it can be beaten without using any ammo. I just spent 3-5 minutes or so running it around the pillar and eventually Isa got up and shot it with the Nitro, so you don’t even need to weaken it. Just keep running around dodging her attacks.

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