Silica – RTS Guide

A simple RTS guide on placing buildings and controlling Units from a birds eye view.

Guide to RTS

Building Mechanics

Left click on the Head Quarters to bring up the build menu.

When placing a building you can right click to rotate it. (This is actually quite important in positioning spawn points for vehicle bays as their AI pathing likes to make 11 point turns, it is also useful for positioning cover for Ground units as the different buildings have various cover points like low walls and barrels that can guard portions of the hit-box of player and AI ground troops.)

A building needs to be placed on decently flat ground it the foundation of the building cannot sit level on the ground or if there are obstructions the building will be Highlighted red meaning there are terrain issues.

If a building is highlighted blue you can left click and place it, it will take some time to form and any units inside of a building as it forms will be warned to leave the area, if a section of building spawns on top of them it will kill them.

Buildings must be placed within the “territory” of your faction which as far as I can tell is sight line from the Head quarters. Which means you cannot build refineries far from the HQ or forward build unit spawns. If a building is too far from the sight line of the HQ it will highlighted grey. You can extend this Territory building a radar dish building or currently by building another HQ (which has to be built inside of current territory and cannot be placed anywhere unlike many other RTS games) The alien faction as a small cheap node structure to extend their territory and Human factions will be getting something similar to this soon called “Outposts” but these are not currently implemented. as such the only way to extend human territory is to daisy chain HQ’s which is not cost effective on large maps.

You must also have vision of the ground you are going to build on and cannot start a building in the fog of war, once the building is in the process of construction you can move units and leave the building in the fog of war as it will keep constructing but will not provide vision until it is complete.

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  1. I can help clarify the way expanding your territory works. Every building you own has a radius around it where you can place structures. For example, if you want to quickly expand from one side of the map to the other, you can build a silo (cheapest and fastest building structure) and once it finishes building, chain another silo off of that.

    Also worth noting, the bunkers you can find and claim around the map also provide territory for you to build off of.

    As for the radar station, so far I haven’t been able to find any tangible evidence of what they do besides exists for sight and territory.

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