SIMULACRA 2 – Achievements Guide (with Endings)

Note that I don’t give exact dialogue options for MOST achievements, since there are often multiple possible options. Spoilers inbound.


All credit goes to 24/7 Spirit Halloween !

A minimum of two playthroughs are required to get all achievements, though you will have to go back to previous checkpoints more often than that. The game automatically saves at certain checkpoints, but does not save otherwise (ex. no save on close). Keep this in mind.

Starting Out

Hard Boiled: Finish the game as a detective.

This is a decision you make at the beginning of the game and simply requires you to finish the game. This cannot be achieved in the same playthrough as “Big Scoop”.

Big Scoop: Finish the game as a journalist.

This is a decision you make at the beginning of the game and simply requires you to finish the game. This cannot be achieved in the same playthrough as “Hard Boiled”.

Hello Police?: Call emergency services.

MISSABLE! Either dial 911, 112, or call emergency services back from the “recent” section on the phone.

Very Thorough: Find the suspects earlier police interviews.

MISSABLE! This achievement requires you to find Maya Crane’s case ID and the transcript numbers for the interviews with Rex, Arya, and Mina.

In the warden app, find the section that allows you to search for transcripts. For each of these, the Case File ID will be G31-298 and the transcript type will be Interview. The three transcript numbers are: 5287, 5288, and 5289. You will have to hit search after each one and go back.


Arya, Mina, and Rex all slip up when you first speak to them one-on-one. Each slip up that you discover has an achievement attached. Note that most of these conversations are timed, and are based on them revealing case information. Discrepancies with what they said during their interviews do not count for these achievements.

Arya Slips Up: Arya reveals details of the case she wouldn’t have known.

  • ”Were you working the night Maya died?” – option 1.
  • “Working strain?” – option 2, not timed.
  • “How do you know where she died?” – option 2.

Rex Slips Up: Rex reveals details of the case he wouldn’t have known.

  • “Where were you when Maya died?” – option 1.
  • “You must be a busy guy.” – option 2, not timed.
  • “How do you know about her face injuries?” – option 3.

Mina Slips Up: Mina reveals details of the case she wouldn’t have known.

  • “Did she show signs of stress before?” – option 1.
  • “How do you know about the anonymous caller?” – option 3.

Initial Impressions: Completed the preliminary investigation.

After speaking to each of the three suspects individually and speaking to Murilo this achievement should pop up. This is not missable.

TRM Quiz Cards

It is HIGHLY suggested that you speak with Detective Murilo after speaking to the three suspects individually before you do this step since it will trigger a game save. This just stops you from needing to question the three each time.

It is possible to get each of these by taking the TRM Quiz legitimately, but it is simpler to do the following.

Artist: You are dealt the Artist card by TRM.

Select all options on the top right.

Diva: You are dealt the Diva card by TRM.

Select all options on the top left.

Idol: You are dealt the Idol card by TRM.

Select all options on the bottom right.

Tycoon: You are dealt the Tycoon card by TRM.

Select all options on the bottom left.

The Influencer Lies

Arya, Rex, and Mina are all lying about something. It’s fairly simple to figure each out, and you may or may not actually need the WARDEN app for these. I believe there are multiple ways to get each of these achievements, so dialogue choices may not be super important.

First, you will need to get into the “Maya’s Laptop” section of her gallery by hitting “forgot password” and entering “Fans”, “Multicolored lies”, and “New beginnings” in the respective boxes.

Fake Muse: Discover evidence of Arya faking as an Aluren muse.

One way to do this is to check out Arya’s Kimera. You should see a video with her face shown five times, and you should be able to scan this. After scanning that, go to the Aluren site and hit the contact button on the bottom of the page. You should automatically be in a call with Aluren. During the Aluren call, open the dial pad, hit 3, then 1, then enter “8714”.

Shortly after, you will be contacted by Rachel. End the call with Aluren and either convince Rachel that you ARE Arya or convince Rachel that you need to talk to her ABOUT Arya. Note that one option leads to Arya being exposed by Aluren and the other leads to Arya admitting that she lied.

Triangle Scheme: Discover evidence of Rex promoting an obvious pyramid scheme.

Open the gym’s website and scroll down to the section that allows you to input a number and request a trainer. Request Alvin “the Almighty” and put in the number “15559166060” WITHOUT dashes. Depending on how you go about this conversation, Alvin will either publicly call Rex out or will send you the video he took in an attempt to promote the pyramid scheme.

Tragic Lie: Discover evidence of Mina lying about her tragedy.

Once again you can use Kimera to scan a post related to the incident to make it easier. Open Mina’s second video, it should be her sitting with a guitar. Scan the video and put it into the WARDEN app under “Mina’s Image”. Select the Road Accidents tab on WARDEN once you have recovered the information. Victim: Erica Simmons. Discrict: Springwood. Month: August.

Scroll down and call June Kovac, who will text you back after you call. Once you’re done speaking to her, you should have access to an article about the accident to scan.

Bad Endings

You can actually get some of the evidence mentioned above by accusing different people. When you convince one of the suspects to accuse another, if you don’t already have the evidence against them, it will be given to you.

Deduction: You deduce who took the Ripperman’s deal.

During the final interrogations with the suspects, convince each of them to accuse another. For instance, have Arya accuse Rex, Rex accuse Mina, and Mina accuse Arya. This allows you to pick which of the three you end up “taking in”.

IT WAS…: Revealed the culprit.

You should get this achievement by selecting which suspect you will “take in” during the Deduction achievement, however if that doesn’t work simply have two suspects accuse the same person and accuse them during your interrogation. EX: Arya and Mina both accuse Rex, you accuse Rex during your interrogation with him.

Arya Becomes an Icon: Arya took the Ripperman’s deal.

Accuse Arya of taking the deal and watch the proceeding cutscenes.

Rex Becomes the Best: Rex took the Ripperman’s deal.

Accuse Rex of taking the deal and watch the proceeding cutscenes.

Mina Becomes a Star: Mina took the Ripperman’s deal.

Accuse Mina of taking the deal and watch the proceeding cutscenes.

Worthy Influencer: Hide the truth from Murilo.

After accusing any of the suspects of taking the deal, the Ripperman will speak to you and allow you to text Murilo. Make casual conversation with him, but when presented with the option, lie and say “We were right, ____ took the deal and killed Maya”.

Unworthy Influencer: Reveal the truth to Murilo.

After accusing any of the suspects of taking the deal, the Ripperman will speak to you and allow you to text Murilo. When presented with the option, say, “We made a mistake, none of them were the cause of Maya’s death”.

Good Ending

Make sure NOT to accuse any of the suspects of taking the deal if you want this ending. It also helps if you gather as much evidence as possible from Kimera, chats, email, etc. and speak to June, Rachel, and Alvin nicely to allow the suspects to admit their own mistakes. Note that dialogue at this point will show either a sun or a storm cloud-go for more suns than storm clouds!

A Summoning: Recover the totem from Maya’s gym.

This achievement, along with “An Exorcism” and “A Hindrance” are ALL required for the good ending.

Calmly speak to Arya about her Aluren Muse post. Don’t accuse her of taking the deal, convince her that you need her help, and she should eventually agree to finding another way to deal with the situation. She will tell you that she needs Maya’s locker number and combination to a lock. Once she asks, “you there?” tell her the following: “237”, and the lock combo is “HCAR”. Arya should call you saying that she got the locker open and got the totem inside.

An Exorcism: Acquired the K-remote app from Ruben.

This is arguably one of the more difficult parts of this achievement trio, since most of the conversation with Ruben is timed and he may catch on to something being up if you answer incorrectly.

Convince Mina that you need her help and she’ll give you Ruben’s contact. Select the following options when given the opportunity:

  • “Hey Ben!” – not timed.
  • “It’s been weeks.” – option 1
  • “I’m good, and you?” – option 2
  • “KimeraKon 2018, of course!” -option 3
  • “I miss KingOfWaffles!” – option 2
  • “Well, that’s great!” – option 3
  • “You’re talking about the conflict of interest?” – option 1.

That marks the end of the TIMED dialogue, but you will still need to convince him that you like him and you’re NOT just in it for the Kimera insight. Do this correctly, and he will eventually give you the K-remote app.

A Hindrance: Recovered the phone jammer from police evidence.

You’ll need Detective Murilo’s help for this one. Convince Rex to help you and he’ll tell you about a phone jammer that Maya had. Sadly, that’s in the evidence lock-up at the police station. Talk to Detective Murilo and ask him about it. You need to convince him that it’s necessary for the investigation.

Once you speak to Murilo, go to the City Records tab on WARDEN. Look for Police Station blueprints in West Bandrika. Download the file that comes up for “Floor 2 plan”. Note that the following dialogue is NOT timed, however is still important to be properly reiterated to Rex.

  • “Your cover name is Mr. Baker.”
  • “You will impersonate a plumber.”
  • “It’s not a big deal.”
  • “I will be your guide.”
  • “I got the blueprint.”
  • “This is your ultimate con, man.”
  • “Head to the pantry at the LEFT.”
  • “Maps are hard to read.”
  • “Clearing the floor.”
  • “Go left and WAIT at the waiting area.”
  • “The key to evidence is in the MIDDLE one.”
  • “It’s the one with the YELLOW tag”.
  • “Is your cover blown?”
  • “Where are you now?”
  • “You need something else.”
  • “Go to the server room. SECOND door on the RIGHT”.

Now you need to type in “3911-B” including the dash. Wish Rex luck and he should call you saying that he has the jammer.

New New Beginnings: Arya, Rex, and Mina agree to fight the Rippleman.

Do the above steps to get the equipment needed, but DO NOT let Murilo know too much about the plan. Tell him that you’re helping the former suspects but don’t say much else about the plan itself. He’ll threaten to send the police force against you and the three influencers, but that doesn’t mean much.

Arya, Rex, and Mina should send you their Kimera codes to enter into the K-remote app. Enter those and confirm the action. This will lead you to talking with the Ripperman, and allow you to delete each of the influencers Kimera accounts. However, there will be a short timed minigame before you’re able to delete each.

  • One minigame is a memory game, remember which buttons said “Delete”.
  • One minigame is basically a quick time event, click on “delete” whenever it pops up but DO NOT hit “cancel”.
  • One minigame is a trick question. Hit the gray option, since the red option is what the Ripperman wants you to press.

Liberated: Defeat the Ripperman.

This should unlock once you delete the last Kimera account, potentially after watching cutscenes that follow.

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