Wizardry: The Five Ordeals – How to Use Custom Portraits

Guide to Use Custom Portraits

See “documents\59studio/WizardryFoV2/face”.

  • You can use 20 slots that face01-20.

There are five basic files in each slots, each of which can use a transparent png file.

FaceXX (image resolution: 96×96)

  • This is the face icon that is displayed on the character when the UI is in “3:2 Mode” or “SD Mode”.

FaceXX_b (Image resolution: 270×96)

  • Face icon displayed on the character when the UI is in “HD Mode”.

FaceXX_c (Image resolution: 1920×1080)

  • Portrait displayed in various status screens.

FaceXX_d (Image resolution: 1920×1080)

  • Portrait displayed while selecting character commands in battle.

FaceXX_e (Image resolution: 1920×1080)

  • The portrait displayed when investigating and unlocking treasure chests.

If the corresponding file does not exist, it will not be displayed.

The _c, _d, and _e items in this file can also be set to different data that will be displayed depending on the character’s status.

HP remaining

  • 1) faceXX_c.png / faceXX_d.png / faceXX_e.png (100% – 76%)
  • 2) faceXX_c_75.png / faceXX_d_75.png / faceXX_e_75.png (75% – 50%)
  • 3) faceXX_c_50.png / faceXX_d_50.png / faceXX_e_50.png (49% – 26%)
  • 4) faceXX_c_25.png / faceXX_d_25.png / faceXX_e_25.png (25% – 01%)
  • 5) faceXX_c_DE.png / faceXX_d_DE.png / faceXX_e_DE.png (DEAD)

Abnormal state

  • 6) faceXX_c_PO.png / faceXX_d_PO.png / faceXX_e_PO.png (POISON)
  • 7) faceXX_c_AF.png / faceXX_d_AF.png / faceXX_e_AF.png (AFRAID)
  • 8) faceXX_c_SL.png / faceXX_d_SL.png / faceXX_e_SL.png (SLEEP)
  • 9) faceXX_c_PA.png / faceXX_d_PA.png / faceXX_e_PA.png (PARALYZED)
  • 10) faceXX_c_ST.png / faceXX_d_ST.png / faceXX_e_ST.png (STONED)
  • 11) faceXX_c_AS.png / faceXX_d_AS.png / faceXX_e_AS.png (ASHED)

The number to the left of the list is the priority level, with the larger number having priority.

Sample files are available. documents though only in Japanese. but included a portrait sample of the character used in the promotional screenshot, and mask/templates.

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