WorldBox – God Simulator – All Achievements Guide

In this guide you will know how to do all achievements in WorldBox.

How to Get All Achievements

Place 10000 creatures

Let there be life!

1000 bombs

In the “Destruction Powers” tab, select the bomb icon under the grenade one, and place/drop 1000 of them. Drop them bombs.


Place 200+ humans in a single location, you can check progress by selecting the three houses and flag icon. Have a city with 200 humans.

Baby Tornado

In the “Nature and Disasters” tab, find the Tornado and Lightning icons. Summon a tornado, then strike it with lightning until it splits. Keep striking lightning on the smaller tornado, and repeat the process until you get a small enough tornado to obtain the achievement. Cute attraction.

Lava Strike

Find/make a volcano, wait for a substantial amount of lava to surround it, and strike the lava with lightning. Make a splash.

Find Wilhelm

Open the game, and there should be a human farmer near the top, tap it. You found Wilhelm.


Deselect the section you’re currently in, select the gear icon, go into settings, and press the burger in the top left. Tastes like pixels.


Spawn a Santa, found in the “Animals, Creatures and Monsters” tab, and strike it with lightning. Strike Santa with Lightning.

Destroy WorldBox

Two ways 1. open the game, and the WorldBox icon should appear, tap it until all the letters fall off, and tap it once more; 2. Go to the “Other various powers” tab and select the question mark icon, and the WorldBox icon should appear, tap it until all the letters fall of, and tap it once more. Literally.

World Builder

Deselect any tab you may be in, and select the icon of a circle with a pencil on it. Press the red “CREATE” button near the bottom. Create Custom World.


Have a world with villages for each race

Moisturize me!

In the “Animals, Creatures, and Monsters” tab, select the Piranha icon, and place it over land. Drop piranha on land.


In the “Other various powers” tab, scroll to the right of the available selection and select the icon of a blue heart surrounded by a square, tap anywhere in the world. Print heart.


In the “Animals, Creatures, and Monsters” tab, select the Sheep icon and place it over lava. Drop sheep into lava.

Ant World

In the “Animals, Creatures, and Monsters” tab, locate the 4 Ant icons to the far right. Place 10 ants of each color (Blue, Black, Green, and Red). Have a world with 10 ants of each kind.

Last Resort

Drop a nuke on Grey Goo.

Don’t Try This at Home

In the “Destructions Powers” tab, select the Heat Ray icon and use it on TNT. Heat up TNT.

Move it!

Strike God Finger with lightning.

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