Six Days in Fallujah – 15 Top Tier Tips

15 Top Tier Tips

Few quick tips in case you didn’t know!

1) Double tab shift to dash/sprint. Holding shift will let you run.

2) Tab space once and your character shouts “clear”, “weapon cache found”, “blue diamond”, or “friendly, friendly!”. All depending on situation, room and where you look with cross-hair. Example: when you look at a closet with weapons in it and you press space once it will shout “”weapon cache/IED found”. Also very handy when entering for 2 sides to let your teammates know you are friendly. So TAB space once, not hold space, that makes you talk over radio.

3) Use ]C to mark or ping sh!t so teammates know where to look or shoot at!

4) Never block doorways, halls or other tiny fatal-funnels. Fire & Move, and keep f4cking moving. A static object is a dead object. Clear Point of Entry FAST!

5) Moving across windows or doors? Do it with an arch; lean left (if window/door is on left-side), side-step/strafe (left), pre-fire or shoot if needed, lean right (if you come on the right side of said door/window). In short: Cover Your Bases (Fields of Fire).

6) Always have full 360 security! Don’t all look at one door!

7) Keep 2-3 paces away from walls, doors, and/or windows, so your muzzle don’t get stuck!

8) Always try to go behind your teammates. Never walk in front of a friendly barrel, bullet doesn’t care who you are. If you really have to go in-front, call out “CROSSING!” and hopefully your teammate doesn’t have a happy trigger finger.

9) Fundamental! Always Bring a Buddy! Find a battle-buddy and stick with him until you both walk out alive, or die bravely together. Where he/you goes, you/he goes.

10) Breaching, tearing down flag, or placing explosives should be done in agreement with teammates. Don’t do something without checking on your buddies! Example: Missions where you need to find cache/IED or tear-down flag, wait and be sure that everyone is ready before you take action. Maybe a countdown, or just good communication.

11) Do everything as a TEAM, if action calls for a split-up, take your battle-buddy, never go in alone!

12) Don’t bring back only one KIA via the LAAV. You have 1 respawn for the Whole team! If you know you can’t heal your buddy, sprint back to the LAAV and bring back the 3 KIA. Remember! When you get back (respawned) you DON’T have the weapon(s) you started with, you spawn as a regular FNG (M16-iron sights).

13) Don’t run out of AMMO!! Restock at the LAAV before you run out!

14) Speak, tell and command. Speak importance, tell danger (injured, ei-movement, etc.), command when needed!

15) Speed = key! When entering a building, speed makes or breaks the moment. Hesitate, stand still or panic and you, and others behind you will die! So when going dynamic, you go in aggressive and with full force! Never stop in fatal-funnels!

A Good Example: Pointman always looks forward and tells what he sees i.e door right, closed door left, stairs going up right hand side, trip-wire, etc. (crouch so 2nd-man can shoot overhead if front contacts are equal or superior to yours), 2nd-men looks left side of pointman and to his own left side, 3rd-man does same as 2nd but on right side, tail-end-charlie (lastman) checks back at all time, 3rd-men should ALWAYS speak/shout “lastman” when moving out or when displacing, lastman doesn’t have eyes on his back!

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