Skilltree Saga – Enemy Combat Plans

A dump of my notes on the skills to select based on the enemy you will be facing. Take out the guesswork, you have better games to play!

Guide to Enemy Combat Plans


Welcome to this sub-standard guide. The time and effort I’ve put in to the stunning visuals and moving prose is a testament to how much I love you and this game.

What this guide isn’t:

  • Well written
  • Complete
  • Detailed
  • Pretty
  • Political
  • High calorie

Why the bunk would you want to read it then? Well, this game has very few other guides or useful combat suggestions in the forums. So upon completing the game, I decided I would dump my combat notes into a quick guide so you all had something to use as a reference. It will make your lives much easier.

How to Use

As you play the game, you gain many combat skills. You also face many different types of enemies. And of those enemy types, they can also be normal or elite. Each enemy type, and their membership in the 1% or lack thereof, determines the combat skills they use in battle. The good news is they always use the same skills in the same order. The bad news is you have no clue what skills those are until you fight them. And if you die after a couple turns, you don’t know what skills they’ll use in following turns until you face them again and survive the first few turns.

It’s a minor issue in the early parts of the game, but as you progress through the game and face more enemy types, it becomes difficult to remember who does what. The combat skills you pick should primarily protect your butt, counter their skills, and stomp their face into the ground. But this all falls apart when you forget if the spider withdraws on turn 1, 2, or 3. Then complicate it more with ever-increasing similar enemy types. “Umm, crystal golem, emerald golem, ruby golem… which one do I want to silence at the start with windbreaker?”

After dealing with this confusion for more runs than I want to admit, I started to jot down each enemy type I faced and which skills I want to use against them. So here they are for you. The use is simple: the game tells you what you will face, so find it on the list then set your skills in that order before you go into battle.

Call out 1: as said before, these are incomplete. I never intended to make a guide, so there are enemy types not on here. And many die quick if you aren’t dumb or weak as a finch, so I never was in a fight long enough to recommend skills out to 3, 4, 5, or 6 turns.

Call out 2: some bosses for the first realm are listed, but it really only kicks into gear for the 2nd realm. 3rd realm is the most “complete.”

Call out 3: bosses for each realm are at the end of that realm’s list.

Call out 4: these are just my quick notes. They may not be 100% accurate as I didn’t always go back to update. Sorry. Should be >90%.

Call out 5: you might be weaker than I was when you first face a given enemy type. This could make the skill selections not ideal. You could be stronger than I was, and find they take too long. You’ll get a feel for how strong, or weak, you are and will be able to adjust as you go.

Call out 6: yes, another call out. As you get strong, you can simplify and shorten the battles. But conserve your mana in the 3rd realm. Don’t pick high mana attacks to finish someone off if you can do it with a weaker skill.

Skills of Importance

There are some skills I’ve never even used. There are some I have used and they suck. Then there are some that are critical to this game and you’ll use them over and over and over and over… you get the point.

Prioritize getting and maximizing (4 levels) these:

  • Earth Shield
  • Blitz Attack
  • Windbreaker

You will struggle mightily without getting these first.

After that, probably Burning Jab then in some order Diamond Blade, Water Double, Frozen Shackles, Obliterate. I liked the Frozen Shackles and Obliterate combo, but Frozen Shackles negates much fewer enemy attacks than you would think. Terd.

Enemy Types and Your Combat Skill Selection

Here they are, cut and pasted from my Notepad doc in all of their digital chicken scratch glory. I added a couple lines of advice here and there. “Make the realms sections!” Nah, I kind of like it this way.

1st realm

  • Giant shark plant boss – Windbreaker, Earth Shield, Regular attack
  • Poison Spider boss – Windbreaker, Regular attack

2nd realm

  • Boulderling – Regular attack, Regular attack, Regular attack
  • Cave Blob Warrior – Windbreaker
  • Cave Shark Plant – Windbreaker, Earth Shield, Regular attack
  • Cave Spider – Regular attack, Elemental Strike
  • Crystal Golem – Regular Attack, Regular Attack, Windbreaker
  • Drunken Goblin – Earth Shield, Regular attack, Frozen Shackles, Regular attack (or Obliterate), Regular attack
  • Dusk Wolf – Windbreaker, regular attack
  • Emerald Golem – Regular attack, Earth Shield, Windbreaker
  • Goblin Rider – Earth Shield, Regular attack (dies with one windbreaker and one blitz…)
  • Goblin Shaman – Windbreaker
  • Goblin Thief – Windbreaker, Earth Shield
  • Orc Scout – Earth Shield, Regular attack, Regular attack
  • Rockie – Windbreaker, Elemental Strike
  • Ruby Golem – Windbreaker, Regular attack
  • Tipsy Goblin – Regular attack, Earth Shield, Regular attack, Diamond blade
  • Worg – [He attacks very fast, can’t be blocked] Blitz Attack for a OHK or use Regular attack, Windbreaker


  1. Fat Blob – Windbreaker, Burning Jab, Earth Shield (blocks the obliterate), blitz, regular attack Windbreaker, Earth Shield, Blitz
  2. Giant Mushroom – Earth Shield, Windbreaker, Blitz or heavy hits
  3. Prism Golem – Desolation, Earth Shield, Windbreaker, heavy hits
  4. Humarilla – Earth Shield, Burning Jab, Blizzard, Blitz
  5. Randal – Earth Shield, Burning Blade, Windbreaker?, Frozen Shackles, Obliterate, Blitz

3rd realm

  • FYI – stronger enemies may need some of the “Regular attack” options below replaced with stronger, mana consuming attacks if you’re weak as a sauce.

All enemies are Elite in this realm.

  • Anomaly – Windbreaker, Blitz/Diamond blade
  • Assassin – Windbreaker, Regular attack
  • Black Knight – Windbreaker
  • Boulderling – Regular attack, Regular attack, Regular attack
  • Cave Blob – Windbreaker, Regular attack
  • Cave Blob Warrior – Windbreaker
  • Cave Shark Plant – Windbreaker, Earth Shield, Regular attack
  • Cave Spider – Regular attack, Elemental Strike
  • Corrupted Mushroom – Regular attack, Windbreaker?
  • Crystal Golem – Blitz, Windbreaker, Regular attack
  • Drunken Goblin – Earth Shield, Regular attack, Frozen Shackles, Regular attack (or Obliterate), Regular attack, ?
  • Dusk Wolf – Windbreaker, Earth Shield/Regular attack, Regular attack, Regular attack
  • Emerald Golem – Blitz, Windbreaker?, Elemental strike
  • Female River Corpse – Windbreaker, Earth Shield
  • Fire Anomaly – Windbreaker, Blitz/Diamond blade
  • Forest Blob Warrior – Windbreaker, Diamond Blade (second attack is also ranged so hit hard)
  • Forest Mushroom – Regular attack, Windbreaker?
  • Frost Wolf – Desolation or Regular attack, Elemental Strike
  • Fungus – Desolation, Windbreaker
  • Ghoul – Windbreaker
  • Ghoul Maiden – Windbreaker, Regular attack
  • Goblin Rider – Earth Shield, Blitz
  • Goblin Scout – [He attacks very fast, can’t be blocked] Blitz Attack for a OHK or use Regular attack, Earth Shield, Elemental Strike
  • Goblin Shaman – Windbreaker,
  • Goblin Thief – Windbreaker, Earth Shield
  • Goblin Wind Shaman – Windbreaker, Regular attack
  • Ice Anomaly – Windbreaker, Blitz/Diamond blade
  • Jaw Plant – Windbreaker, Earth Shield, Regular attack/Diamond Blade
  • Male River Corpse – Windbreaker, Earth Shield, Diamond Blade
  • Mercenary – Earth Shield, Blitz, Regular attack (he starts with Diamond Blade. You must block it unless you can OHK)
  • Nature Spirit – Earth Shield, Regular attack
  • Orc Fire Shaman – Windbreaker, Regular attack
  • Orc Scout – Earth Shield, Regular attack, Regular attack/Windbreaker?
  • Orc Warrior – Windbreaker, Earth Shield, Regular attack, Regular attack
  • Orc Wind Shaman – Regular attack, Windbreaker
  • Poison Spider – Windbreaker
  • Quartermaster – Windbreaker
  • Raging Mosquito – [attacks fast] Blitz (then eat hit), Windbreaker
  • Realmswood Wolf – Regular attack, Desolation, Elemental Strike (for elite, regular attack, earth shield, regular attack)
  • Recruit – Windbreaker, Regular attack
  • Rockie – Windbreaker, Elemental Strike
  • Rockie Scout – Earth Shield, Regular attack, Windbreaker
  • Rockie Shaman – Windbreaker, Regular attack
  • Ruby Golem – Windbreaker, Diamond blade/Blitz
  • Skeletal Archer – Windbreaker, Regular attack
  • Skeletal Warrior – Windbreaker, Blitz
  • Skeleton – Earth Shield, Blitz, Regular attack
  • Spider – Windbreaker
  • Tipsy Goblin – Regular attack, Earth Shield, Regular attack, Diamond blade
  • Undead Knight – Windbreaker
  • Voodoo Priestess – Water double, Earth Shield, Windbreaker, Regular attack. Or Windbreaker, Blitz. (first attack is followed by a blitz, spell then melee. dmg similar)
  • Water Anomaly – Windbreaker, Blitz/Diamond blade
  • Worg – [He attacks very fast, can’t be blocked] Blitz Attack for a OHK or use Regular attack, Windbreaker, Earth Shield, Regular attack
  • Zombie – Windbreaker, Second attack likely blocked by Earth shield
  • Zombie Maiden – Windbreaker, Diamond Blade or Earth shield, Diamond Blade, Heavy hit
  1. Worg Alpha – Regular attack, Earth shield, Frozen Shackles, Obliterate, Windbreaker [now blitz, wind]
  2. Goblin Vagabond – Burning Jab, Windbreaker, Water double, Earth Shield, Blitz attack, Regular attack [now burn, wind, blitz]
  3. Morkash Soul-Eater – Windbreaker, Earth Shield, Burning Rage, Blitz [now Windbreaker, Diamond blade]
  4. Siren – All ranged stuff. First attack is just boosts. Includes melee thorns. Second can windbreak. Burn, wind, blitz works. Now Diamond, Wind
  5. Grushok The Defiler – (casts all magic) Water double, Windbreaker, then all heavy hits [first turn and second turn cast with same dmg. maybe water double, wind, then see what he does next] dead on wind, burn, blitz. only took 330 dmg on water, wind, diamond. Might take none.
  6. Sir Ratzel – Attacks fast and physical attack. Earth shield, Diamond blade, Windbreaker, Blitz (later, earth shield, diamond blade, blitz/regular attack)
  7. Giant Skeleton – Earth Shield, Burning Blade/Diamond Blade, Frozen Shackles, Windbreaker, Obliterate, Blitz
  8. Nether Flurry – Diamond blade, Windbreaker, Blitz. Will rock you if fight goes long. Vacuum sphere can help in that scenario.
  • Turn 1 It casts phase shift, gains defense, resistance, and courage.
  • Turn 2 With the courage boost, goes first. Casts vacuum sphere.
  • Turn 3 It casts life drain. Dmg is done to you immediately and adds to the recurring dmg to you. Its max and current health jumps 50%. (Do your heaviest hits before this then)

Medusa – Windbreaker, Earth shield, Diamond Blade, Mag, Mag Similar to the Flurry, she rocks you at the end if the fight goes too long.

  • Turn 1 Casts Viper’s Gaze. Does dmg and silences your spell casting and ranged attacks for multiple turns.
  • Turn 2 Casts Spawn (earth shield blocks it)
  • Turn 3 Casts Snake Eyes (earth shield does not block it) Deals dmg and STUNS (no melee attacks for the next three turns)
  • Turn 4 Casts Good Karma. Magic dmg taken each following turn by you
  • Turn 5 Attacks for 120 dmg (unsure of dmg type. likely considered ranged.)
  • Turn 6 Casts Deadly Poison for very high dmg

Dark Elemental Knight – at 300 courage, he is faster. At 314, you are faster (unsure of cutoff point). You have to stop the fire tornado.

  • Turn 1 He casts Desolation
  • Turn 2 Diamond blade
  • Turn 3 Casts Fire tornado
  • Turn 4 Casts Frozen shackles
  • Turn 5 He uses Granite Fist
  • Turn 6 He uses Obliterate

While slow, try: Water Double, Diamond Blade, Bait and Switch (transfer the tornado?), Earth Shield, Magic [never tried this combo while slower than him].

While faster than him and with high enough health (for the water double): Water double, Diamond Blade, Windbreaker, Blitz, Earth Shield, magic attack of choice (Water double will absorb his first two attacks).

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