Amnesia: The Bunker – Video and Control Settings

My personal from the game settings to audio settings.

Guide to Settings

Game Settings

Unchecking Distortion Effects I highly recommend to uncheck it for more visual clarity.


In controls I just go with my mouse sensitivity on just feeling, I would do is count the bar from right to left and count to 1-21, since I’m at 17cm/360 I just count to 7 or 8.

For Keybinds


I do run on 1728×1080 or 16:10 I would go to the max FOV ex. 1728×1080 FOV: 110.

You don’t need to go 100+ resolution scale the game is enough for 100.

Graphics and Audio

In graphic I just turned off Flashlight Shadows, Film grain and Bloom. If this graphics settings affects the performance of your game, I highly recommend unchecking and lower the part it affects your GPU

In audio I just go 95% on the max volume plus the subtitles are on.


Like in the description of the title this is my preferred settings on the game, you can tweak it on your own, I didn’t go deeper and tackle the game files since the game has a lot to modify. other than that goodluck on your campaign in Amnesia: The Bunker.

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