Slobbish Dragon Princess – How to Run with 18+ Patch

This guide is for, who have the patch but when they run it unusual text appears. You need to unzip the files in the patch before following any steps below.

Guide to Run with 18+ Patch

Error Message

You might see this kind of error message while installing patch.

What to Do for It to Work?

  1. Just open the “pac” folder(of patch).

There you will find 3 files.

  1. Move these to the game “pac” folder.

You can find game “pac” folder here.

Windows Pop-Up

  1. When you’re done with above steps you will find a pop-up about 2 similar files.

Just replace them with the ones in patch.

To confirm if the patch is working or not simply open “Config” in game, check the last option if it says “Camera Movement During H Scene” Then you’re good to go n enjoy it to ur hearts content.

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