Smalland: Survive the Wilds – How to Get Spear and Armor

Tips to Get Spear and Armor


Go to the first bridge you run into after leaving the burrow (you reached it by following the trail down to talk to Herne & the Elder). To the west across the bridge is a giant statue of an owl on a stump.

On the east side of the bridge, turn south and explore the beach. There’s a giant stick stuck in the sand. Search the clumps of grass around it’s base for metal screws. They spawn there, and on the other side next to a giant golden key.

Go farther south on the same beach, and you can sometimes find a bottlecap next to three stones. If it isn’t there, keep passing through that area and it will spawn.

With a bottle cap & metal screws, you can make a stone cutter crafting station. This is used to make stone tier weapons and tools, and to make flint tier too. It’s worth building a small base right on that beach to house the stonecutter and other stuff. The only things that will attack you there are some black ants every once in a while, and that’s just door to door food delivery. Yum, ant skewers.

Make a spear, and use right mouse to do power attacks with it. Practice power attacks on small weak targets first until you learn the animations and the timing.

Piercing damage from the spear will mess up sawyer beetles. Power attacks will boost damage. It will allow you to kill them in fewer hit. By the time you get to a flint spear, you can kill a sawyer beetle in 2 hits. two. The spears also mess up flying insects too.


For armor, talk to Herne.

He can make a set of padded armor for you. It’s meant as cold armor, but it also has 1 protection on each piece, making it total 3. And that’s the highest armor value of all starting sets. It also has TRIPLE the cold protection of the others. So carry a full set to keep from freezing to death for the rest of the game, until you upgrade to primal armor later on (think of it as upgraded padded, cold protection but it also has better damage protection).

With decent weapons, head to “Kalev” on the map. He will make you stone armor, and he tells you about the stonecutter. You can make the stone cutter after picking up bottlecaps and metal screws, you do NOT have to go to Kaleve to unlock anything. Stone armor has an armor value of 7 total, and slows you down a bit.

If you get cold while wearing the better protective armors, you can swap out individual parts with padded/primal. There’s no set bonuses, you can mix and match. Or you can just put on the full set of padded/primal for a bit until all the cold blue area of your health bar goes away, then put back the armor with higher armor values.

If/when you got to the beach areas to get flint, bring 1 bottlecap & 1 metal screw, and make a stone cutter ON the beach too. There will be pretty much everything else needed to make flint tier weapons there. Bring a mandible pickaxe (made from the jaws of red bull ants), and a BUNCH of wood and fiber (to build a minibase & wood for flint tier stuff).

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