Smalland: Survive the Wilds – How to Unlock Building Materials

Guide to Unlock Building Materials


The 3 types are primitive, bark, and stone. The one that looks like wood cabins is made from bark. It’s easy to unlock all you need is a flint pickaxe and harvest bark off the ground. Bark is mostly found on the south by southeast beaches (not on the southwest beach though) and also in the west swamp. The beach is far easier to gather it on as you don’t have wolf spiders, black widows and godzilla sized toads eating you when gathering it.

Stone is a VERY late game building material, basically endgame as you get the clay mortar to build it only as your reaching the final boss on the far southeast ruins. You also need a lategame pickaxe to gather it.

Metal is being added in a few months and isn’t in the game yet.

In Details

The pickaxe to mine clay just requires 5 bits of scrap iron (and other materials). You can get that by going up to the northwest corner of the map, and look for little piles of metal bits: paper clips, soda tabs, nuts, bolts, etc. Will need a flint pickaxe to break those.

There’s an area right across the river from where the matriarch spider is (there’s a base tree right next to matriarch), that has clay on the beach. Upper northeast corner. You can glide there from the tree, or go down to the beach, head north and walk across some super shallow water. It’s all sandbars there. Water won’t go past your feet.

On the other beach are golden geckos, and some mean BUG grasshoppers called Lubbers. They hit like mack trucks. Unless you’re well geared up, I’d stick to the beach area.

You will need a windmill to grind clay into clay mortar to make stone building parts. All the recipes unlock as soon as you get clay and clay mortar.

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