Snowbreak: Containment Zone – Paradoxical Labyrinth Glossary

Guide to Paradoxical Labyrinth Glossary

The new roguelike is fun, though there is a lot of content that isn’t fully explained. This is not a tips guide, and is only meant to cover topics and terminology that are not immediately obvious.


  • Commander Card – Reroll buffs in Armament Exchange.
  • EMP Generator – Reduce Threat Index by 10, minimum of current threshold.
  • Portable Jammer – Remove existing Tactical Interference.
  • Recon Receiver – Cancel out incoming Tactical Interference.
  • Rebuild Chip – Revive an Operative.
  • First Aid Kit – Restores squad HP (30%).


  • Combat Encounter – Defeat enemies for a buff, with a low chance of a boss stage.
  • Battle Supply – Obtain random rare buff, supplies, or labyrinth keys.
  • Armament Exchange – Purchase buffs using Labyrinth Keys.
  • Safe House – Purchase heals, revives, and remove Tactical Interference using Labyrinth Keys.

There is a small chance for an Armament Exchange to appear in a Safe House.

  • Extreme Crisis – Boss stage (gives rare buff if not final boss).
  • Random Event – Any stage.


  • Labyrinth Key – Temporary, earned by defeating enemies and from Battle Supply.
  • Intuition Point – Permanent, earned by completing runs (or resetting).
  • Deduction EXP – Permanent, earned by completing runs (or resetting), and missions.


  • Logic Research – Permanent buffs obtained with Intuition Points.
  • Incentive – Starter buff, obtaining additional buffs with same Buff Type increases effect.
  • Buff Type – Six types in total, represented by the icon above the buff name.
  • Pursue Buff – Obtained like a normal buff, can inflict a Damage-Over-Time Effect.
  • Damage-over-Time (DoT) Effect – Targets receive extra damage and effects:
    • Electrified – Electrical DoT, targets give +1 S-Energy and U-Energy per shot.
    • Frostbite – Frost DoT, targets move 20% slower.
    • Smolder – Thermal DoT, targets take 20% more Ballistic DMG.
    • Pierced – Chaos DoT, targets take 20% more Skill DMG.
    • Windcut – Kinetic DoT, defeated targets gives shield equal to 25% of ATK.
  • Tactical Interference – Operative debuff, rarely appears on Combat Encounter stages (with increased chances at higher difficulties).
  • Strategic Disruption – Synonymous with Tactical Interference.
  • Threat Index – Increases the enemy strength (additional enemy buffs, HP, ATK and DEF), thresholds are 0/20/40/70/100.

Threat Index increases less when completing Combat Encounter stages.


  • Deduction Level – Increases with Deduction EXP and rewards progression mats and rolls, located in Evaluation Rewards.

Initially 1000 EXP per level, maximum increases by 100 EXP every ten levels.

  • Deduction – Run attempt, all 99 attempts reset daily.
  • Deduction Difficulty – Four difficulties with increasing number of rewards.
    • Easy: 71 Deduction EXP, 16 Intuition Points, 6 floors, one Extreme Crisis, no Tactical Interference.
    • Normal: 156 Deduction EXP, 37 Intuition Points, 12 floors, one Extreme Crisis, non-existent Tactical Interference.
    • Hard: 350 Deduction EXP, 84 Intuition Points, 17 floors, multiple Extreme Crisis, rare Tactical Interference.
    • Danger: 500 Deduction EXP, 120 Intuition Points, 22 floors, multiple Extreme Crisis, uncommon Tactical Interference.


  • Rebuild Assist – Revive an Operative.

I hope this was helpful to you!

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