SOULS – Heroes & Team Composition Guide

Guide to Heroes & Team Composition

The most important part of progression is choosing the right heroes and team composition for the stage you’re facing. If you don’t understand hero synergies and counters you could have a team with really high power and still be struggling at low chapters.

This guide will talk about some of the most important heroes for progression and how to use them in your teams.

Beast Shop Heroes

The beast shop contains some of the best dealers in the game, building the right one is vital for progressing quickly. Building the wrong hero or too many heroes from this shop can make stages much tougher than they need to be.

  • Milia: 7/10 – One of the best dealers in early and mid game, with the right team she is able to take out entire teams in the first few turns. Starts to struggle more as you enter late game and endgame.
  • Dolucos: 5/10 – A chain user with good damage and utility when engraved. Generally not recommended due to easily being countered by stages where he can’t chain his active.
  • Abala: 6/10 – Essential for cave of abyss but not recommended to buy because you should get enough copies through summoning, and he won’t provide you any progress in other areas of the game.
  • Carmen: 10/10 – Easily the best beast shop hero once engraved. She’s able to clear journey stages at multiple stars lower than any of the other options and is essential for endgame. Our recommendation to build!
  • Kaion: 5/10 – The best early game beast shop hero and also the easiest to build due to the free copies when starting. Many new players fall for the trap of building him, but he falls off a lot once you enter mid game.
  • Ken: 8/10 – Another chain user, differs from Dolucos due to trading the extra utility for more damage. The second best beast shop hero after Carmen for endgame but struggles a bit more early and mid game.

Essential Heroes

There are some heroes that are essential to nearly every team, especially once you hit double waves. Understanding how to use these heroes will help you progress much further.

  • Richelle: The main reason stages with high power differences are even possible. He will be the only tank you need until double waves. His passive that limits himself and adjacent allies to taking only 35% of max HP as damage in combination with his shields and invincibility makes him irreplaceable in 99% of teams.
  • Lulu: Another hero that should be in nearly every single team. Her energy feed and ATK buffs (especially with potential or MoD) allow your heroes to do much higher damage than they otherwise would.
  • Nuel: His passive that lets all your heroes start the battle with full energy is the reason rush comps are even viable (teams that aim to end the match in the first couple rounds). Works particularly well in combination with MoD LuLu who is able to do a double energy buff and ATK buff in the first round.
  • Dextor: Fills a similar role to Lulu, energy feeding and buffing your heroes, although he isn’t quite as good. Commonly used as a sacrificial hero to give your other heroes even more ATK. Works well with Lulu in the same team to stack multiple attack buffs for your other heroes.

Useful Heroes

There are some heroes whose uses aren’t quite as obvious but can still help you pass stages that you otherwise might not be able to.

  • Zagrako: The only AoE hero with 100% CC chance. With enough energy feed and the right enemy formation, he can stun entire teams for the whole battle. Works especially well in combination with LuLu, Dextor and Nuel.
  • Coco: Has a similar passive to Richelle, preventing allies in the same row from taking over 20% of max HP as damage when they drop below 60% HP. Works especially well in combination with Carmen to allow her to take more hits and stack more DoTs and ATK.
  • Ash and Rakan: Both sacrificial heroes that reduce enemies’ energy and increase damage taken when they die. Useful for boosting damage for rush comps.
  • Paru: Also a sacrificial hero but instead boosts allies’ crit rate and crit damage when she dies.

Engraving Tips

Engravings are one of the biggest power spikes your heroes receive, unlocking a new skill and extra stats when upgraded. However, many heroes benefit much more from upgrading their engravings than others. You can’t reset engravings so don’t waste your resources on bad heroes or engravings.

Some heroes have much more useful engravings than others so don’t just use your Apple and Egg on engraving your first heroes to reach 11*.

Prioritise Engraving These Heroes:

  • Carmen: Probably the strongest engraving in the game, allowing her to function as a frontline tank next to Richelle or Coco that poisons the enemy and boosts her ATK every time she is hit.
  • Lilith: Gives some of the best stats of any engraving and allows Lilith to counterattack and gain energy every time she dodges.
  • Sander: Increases his attack against strength-type enemies, including all tanks, turning Sander into one of the few heroes capable of killing most enemies in one hit.
  • Solina: Allows her to revive a hero for a second time when she dies. While possibly not as important as engraving your main dealers we recommend taking her to at least +10.

There are some heroes who, despite being good heroes, aren’t worth engraving. Avoid engraving these heroes:

  • Richelle: Increases his own ATK and crit rate when he has an active shield. Richelle only does damage on his normal attack which is barely used due to his energy passive making this the weakest engraving in the game.
  • Lulu: Gives a chance when hit to reduce the enemy’s speed and ATK. Because you want to avoid LuLu getting hit the benefit you get from this engraving is very low.
  • Aolmond: Increases his physical resistance and damage of normal attacks when he has more than three adjacent allies. While more useful than Richelle’s engraving it has the same drawbacks.

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I appreciate your time and hope this little tutorial was helpful.

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