South Scrimshaw Part One – Missable Achievements Guide

Guide for the only missable achievement in the game. ~15 mins to 100%.

How to Obtain Missable Achievements


  • Achievements count – 2
  • Time to 100% – 15 mins
  • Missable achievement – Deepest Lore

There are several points in the story when you can click white text to get extra lore about creatures. One of them leads to missable achievement.


Click through the game until you get this screen in Chapter 2

Save here just in case

Continue skipping slowly, until you see this screen. Click white text.

Continue skipping and finally click white text here.

Deepest Lore

  • Researched the sea bunny

The rest of the game can be skipped. After completion you will get.

Endless Forms Most Beautiful

  • Finished South Scrimshaw, Part 1.

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