SpaceBourne 2 – Beginners Tips

Please note: All credit goes to Execrador!

Tips for New Pilots

  • You can unlock “Looking for Pilots Mission” if join the Freelance Guild.
  • After joining Mining Guild you get acces for big mining ship . durning mining you will level up in MG and get more equipment
  • Blurry Shadows in HUD can be deactivated in Interface menu with Disable HUD Long Shadows
  • Persuit Mode: Hold right mouse button on target for a few seconds
  • Quick Cockpit view: Holding C (you can change you camera with C button but if you wanna go straight to Cockpit hold C
  • Hide your HUD with Backspace
  • When you land in a planet is possible to call a vehicle, press H to discover.
  • You can call your ship in a planet by using H and clicking on the Ship title.
  • Can Activate Relative Mode with K which is quite useful for gamepad players.
  • You are going to get a new ship advancing in the campaing.
  • It is possible to disable the telemetry bars in the interface menu.
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  1. Are the enemies meant to be bullet sponges? Every Freelnacer mission I’m spending an inordinate amount of time spamming shots and switching between overheating guns over and over to get one fighter kill.

  2. Thanks, I wasn’t sure if it was just supposed to be hard, or not. I ended up sniping villages full of L35 soldiers to get ranked enough to buy the autocannon (super weak, but distracts the enemy). Then I must have attempted the mission after the fix, because I only faced 1-2 soldiers at a time in the actual mission.

  3. Great bullet point guide, nice and short too makes it easier to digest. Btw Persuit is spelt Pursuit.

    Is there any tips for the land vehicle speeder bike? I found if using it on uneven terrain it has bad speed wobbles. Likely very buggy but perhaps there are work arounds? or is it best to just use it on flat terrain for now?

  4. Thanks. Any tips for joining the Mercenaries guild? I can’t survive alone against 50 enemy soldiers with no cover.

  5. For the merc guild, I nearly died and failed a few times. You have to run around the little hut where the upload is to get some cover and recharge your armor/health. I had a fair bit of luck using an energy sword mixed with my pistol. Probably would have been easier if I had a decent rifle or SMG.

  6. Thanks. Any tips for joining the Mercenaries guild? I can’t survive alone against 50 enemy soldiers with no cover.

    • it is already reported, so hopefully it will be balanced in the next patches, maybe in the next one, just maybe. if you still wanna try it i recommend use Shotgun.

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