SpellRogue – Dice Rolling Tricks and Combos

Things the Game Does Not Tell You

  • You can always see what the effect of ending your turn will be on your HP by hovering the End Turn button. You can also see the effect of casting a spell by hovering the target over an enemy.
  • Winning a fight (kill the last enemy that is not a summon) will finish that fight immediately and will not trigger any damage effects such as Ignited or Infected spells, so you cannot die after winning a fight.
  • Fury (Increase damage on next attack) does not reset at the end of your turn.
    • You can use this to build a huge attack bonus and spend it on spells that attack multiple times.
  • Concoction (Next spell does not consume charge) does not reset at the end of your turn.
  • Poison and Health Loss ignore enemy armor.
  • Increasing value of dice past 6 will create a new die, for example: increasing a [5] die by 4 results in 2 dice with values [6] and [3]
  • Countdown spells do not reset their count at the end of turn. You can reduce the value to *1* so you can cast it for cheap next turn.
  • Overspending on countdown spells does not count towards the next charge.
  • Critical (2x damage on next attack) does not work with “end of turn” damage like Pyrohide, Banefire
  • Pyrohide (retaliate damage against attacking enemy)
    • Works if the enemy deals 0 damage.
    • Works with Rupture.
    • Does not work with Power.
  • Using multiple Energized dice (add +4 damage/block when used in spell) when used in countdown spells will give the +4 effect for each energized die.
  • Thorns is only triggered by damage cast by you, not by artifact effects or potions.
  • Spell reflect is only triggered by targeted spells, not by spells that target ALL enemies.
  • Spellbreaker Shade ritual (Instantly cast target spell) used with dice rolling spells will give you new dice of maximum value.

Card Tips


  • When used with one enchanted die (Energized, Stygian, Glimmer, etc) will copy the effect to the other die as well.
  • When autocast, it will give you 2x [6] dice for free!


  • Always pick this card when playing multiple countdown spells and cast it early on. Having multiple cost *1* spells is really really strong!
  • When cast on a *1* spell, it will not reduce cost any further but will cast the spell for free once.

Mana Splinter

  • When used with a [1] value die will create 2 dice of value [1].
  • When used with an enchanted die will give you 2 enchanted dice.


  • Stygian dice stay at the end of turn, so try not to use them unless you can finish a game with them.
  • Try to duplicate, split or increase the value of Stygian dice with other mechanics


The game mechanics in SpellRogue let you create many different builds with combinations of different effects. I wanted to show some fun ones that I found.

It might not be easy to get the exact same cards, but many can be replaced if they have similar effects.

Death by a Thousand Cuts

Deals damage with many low value dice and use spells with “for each Dice spent”.

  • Mana splinter and Fragmentize to create value [1] dice.
  • Build up Power with Fragmentize and Pyre.
  • Furnace to reduce all other countdown spells by -2 for each dice spent
  • Flame Storm will attack multiple times with added Power.

Big Boom

Blow up enemies in a single hit with Gaze From Beyond, increased by critical and others. This combo can deal 200+ damage and kill a boss in turn one for the achievements.

  • Gaze from Beyond to kill enemies with a single spell.
  • Gaze can be upgraded to 65 damage.
  • Inner Rage to double damage of Gaze.
  • Use Blood Totem ritual for another 50% damage increase.
  • Mana splinter to duplicate value [1] dice, or split [2] and [3] dice into [1] for Channel Mana.
  • Mana splinter with Styx to create multiple Stygian dice.
  • Ironguard and Searing Heat to control enemy damage while building up Gaze.
  • Use spells with Marked to further increase damage of Gaze.
  • Soul Grasp ritual is great to kill off the low health enemies.
  • Spellbreaker Shade can be added to instantly cast Gaze.
  • Channel mana to reduce the cost of Gaze.


Build up Power and cast Earthquake to damage all enemies.

  • Build up Power with Sow Power.
  • Earthquake to damage all enemies.
  • Savagery to target a single enemy and/or apply Weak.
  • Bloodlust ritual for bonus damage.
  • Stalk to apply Marked for multiple turns.
  • Transfigure to deplete Sow power or Sanctify Shell, which builds Block and gain the deplete effect.

The Rolling Storm

Simple Hailstorm build that builds Fury and then deal a lot of damage in a single spell.

  • The upgraded Blizzard with +3 Hailstorm builds Fury incredibly fast.
  • Fury can be built up over multiple turns for enormous damage in a single spell cast. Just block enemy damage in the meanwhile.
  • Wave Shift and Brine Bubble to keep rolling dice while building some Block.
  • Strange Presence for extra dice rolls.
  • Spellbreaker Shade ritual to cast Strange Presence gives you 2 free Vex dice rolls.
  • Diminishing Blade to damage a single enemy multiple times.
  • Crashing wave to damage all enemies.

Many Manifold

Create manifold dice with the Manifold Gatesone ritual and duplicate them to abuse [x] value cost and countdown spells.

  • Manifold Gatestone ritual adds Manifold to 2 dice.
  • Low value manifold dice can be duplicated with Mana Symmetry.
  • High value manifold dice can be duplicated with Mana Purification.
  • Reroll low value dice with Cinder Swipe.
  • Use Manifold dice to cast Incendiary multiple times.
  • Control enemy damage with Sunshield and Kairotic Moment in the meanwhile.
  • Astral attunement ritual can be used to for even more Mana Symmetry or Incendiary casts.

Vexed Rerolls

Cast Vex multiple times to create many bonus dice. Using Vex dice will lower other dice values, but these are used in countdown spells and other cheap spells.

Other spells will keep rerolling the dice so I can cast almost all spells every round.

  • Requires upgraded Water Vortex that gives Concoction effect (next spell does not consume a spell charge).
  • Start with using low value dice on Water Vortex to gain Concoction, then cast Vex.
  • Spell Catalyst ritual to gain Energized dice (+4 value to Attack/Block spells)
  • Flip dice upside down with Mana Inversion when needed.
  • Cast Wash Away early to gain Surge (apply Weak to ALL enemies when gaining Block), then cast other Block spells.
  • Deal damage with Winter’s Bite, increased by Power from Water Vortex.

Blessed be Hazel

Uses high value dice to cast damage spells multiple times. Not the most spectacular combo, but satisfying nontheless.

  • Gleaming exterior to gain Blessing.
  • Then cast Relief to create dice for each Blessing.
  • Astral Attunement to cast either Gleaming Exterior or Relief multiple times (or an attack spell).
  • Reroll low value dice with Beast Within.
  • Desolation with two value [6] dice for free 12 damage on all enemies.
  • Spellbreaker Shade ritual on Desolation to get 2 value [6] dice for free.
  • Bastion results in very high Block values after a few turns.
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