Spirit City: Lofi Sessions – 100% Full Achievement Guide + Finding All Spirit Companions

Here is the spoiler guide that can help you to find all spirit companions and complete all achievements in the Spirit City: Lofi Sessions game.

How to Obtain All Achievements and Find All Spirits

There is a total of 15 spirit companions.

The cat spirit ‘Lenny’ is automatically unlocked, others need to be found.

How can the spirit companions be found?

Finding the spirit companions requires:

  • Changing some settings (specific moods, activities and sounds)
  • Patience (let the game run for a while)
  • Clicking on the Spiritdex when it shows a red dot (important!)

Hints in the Spiritdex can help you find the spirits.

If the hints don’t help, do not worry, I will provide all solutions.

Have fun finding your spirit companion!



With this you’ll get Discovered Goopii achievement.

  • Hint: My desk has felt strangely clean lately, I may even be missing some supplies.
  • Solution: Activity: Desk.


Automatically unlock Discovered Bulbee achievement.

  • Hint: During lightning storms, I’ve noticed the lights flicker in strange patterns.
  • Sounds: Rumbling Thunders

Dust Bunny

This gives you Discovered Dustbunny achievement.

  • Hint: I’ve heard strange noises under my bed at night, I wonder what it could be.
  • Solution: Moods: Night, Activity: Bed’ Relaxing.


Automatically unlock Discovered Earlybirb achievement.

  • Hint: The past few mornings I’ve been awoken by a curious chirping noise.
  • Solution: Moods: Morning, Activity: Bed’ Relaxing, Sounds: Birds singing.


Automatically unlock Discovered Hedgelog achievement.

  • Hint: This spirit only seems to live in hot, really hot places.
  • Solution: Activity: Fireplace, Sounds: Cozy Fireplace.


After earn it you can earn Discovered Chapterpillar achievement

  • Hint: Whenever I’m reading, I’ve felt the presence of something over my shoulder.
  • Solution: Activity: Baywindow Reading.


Automatically unlock Discovered Arachknit achievement.

  • Hint: As the light gets low, I seem to keep stepping on bits of loose knitting yarn scattered about.
  • Solution 1: Activity: Fireplace Knitting, Baywindow Knitting.


Automatically obtain Discovered Moonpaw achievement

  • Hint: On windy nights it almost sounds like something is howling at the moon.
  • Solution: Lighting: Night, Sounds: Soothing Wind.


Automatically obtain Discovered Drizzlefin achievement.

  • Hint: I heard an old tale of a teary-eyed spirit… “When the sky weeps and stars come out to play, you might find them swimming amidst the droplets.”
  • Solution: Lighting: Night, Activity: Baywindow, Sounds: Smooth Rain.


Automatically obtain Discovered Trashnuki achievement.

  • Hint: This hungry spirit can be lured out by the sound of cooking around lunchtime.
  • Solution: Lighting: Afternoon, Sounds: Tasty Sizzling.


Automatically obtain Discovered Inkster achievement.

  • Hint: I heard of a spirit can help me overcome my writer’s block.
  • Solution: Activity: Writing, in desk or fireplace


Automatically obtain Discovered Kettlebrew achievement.

  • Hint: Rumours abound of a spirit that welcomes the day with a cup of tea by the fire.
  • Solution: Moods: Morning Activity: Fireplace


Automatically obtain Discovered Sunquill achievement.

  • Hint: There’s an enchanting song coming from the forest as the sun sets.
  • Solution: Lighting: Evening, Sounds: Night Forest


Automatically obtain Discovered Vootodoo achievement.

  • Hint: This spirit haunts those who spend too much time procrastinating in bed.
  • Solution: Activity: Browsing, in bed


Welcome to Spirit City!

  • You’ve officially settled into your new home in Spirit City by completing the tutorial. Welcome!

Just complete the tutorial.

Spirit Lover

  • Pet a spirit for the first time.

The Spirits are the companions who accompany each other, there are a total of 15 spirit companions within the game, each one different and unlocked in different ways.

In the game we undertake with a spiritual companion, his name is Lenny, to unlock the achievement we will have to carry out some activity with our person and caress our spiritual companion, it could be Lenny, the remaining 14 hidden spirits are listed below To achieve this, you can use the shortcut (Ctrl + F).

To be able to find your spiritual companions, it is necessary that we change the housing configuration (Sounds, activities and lighting), in addition to which you can be of great help with the Spiritdex as it contains suggestions for finding them.

In order for the spirits to appear, it is necessary to spend some time, when the Spirit icon is shining, it means that we have found a spirit, to discover it we will have to click on the Spiritdex.

Amateur Spiritographer

  • Congrats on your first level up, you’ve begun your journey to become an accomplished Spiritographer!

Checking things off!

  • Check your first task off of your to-do list (and give yourself a high-five for a job well done!)

Unlock this achievement by adding a task in the ‘To-Do’ list and marking it as completed with a checkmark.

Getting things done!

  • Complete your first pomodoro focus timer. Don’t forget to take a break afterwards!

Unlock this achievement by setting the in-game timer and letting the countdown complete.

Amateur Spiritographer

  • Congrats on your first level up, you’ve begun your journey to become an accomplished Spiritographer!

The achievement is unlocked by going up to rank 2, it is very easy, in my case I achieved it after completing the first task and the first pomodoro.

To gain experience we will have to perform daily tasks, such as:

  • Daily login
  • Daily task done
  • Daily timer done
  • Spending time in the game
  • Discovering spirits

To check what tasks you have left to complete in the game, you will only have to hover your mouse over the level bar.

Note: To unlock more rewards, you can click on the level bar when you rise in rank/level, you will get 500 Spirit Credit and information on how to unlock spirits to your Spiritdex.

Spirit Credit is the currency of the game, and is obtained by leveling up. With the currency we can unlock clothes for our person, skins for our spirit and decoration.

Scholarly Spiritographer

  • Reach level 10, you begin to impress those around you with your trivia about Spirits.

The achievement is unlocked by leveling up to level 10.

Proficient Spiritographer

  • Reach level 20, Spiritography is starting to become second-nature to you.

The achievement is unlocked by leveling up to level 20.

Veteran Spiritographer

  • Reach level 30, Spirits begin to flock to you thanks to your knowledge and caring ways.

The achievement is unlocked by leveling up to level 30.

Expert Spiritographer

  • Reach level 40, your fellow Spiritography peers start looking up to you as the resident expert.

The achievement is unlocked by leveling up to level 40.

Genius Spiritographer

  • Reach level 50, you are pretty much a living encyclopedia for all things Spirit-related.

The achievement is unlocked by leveling up to level 50.

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    • Kettlebrew is discoverable only in the morning though. A lit fireplace is not necessary, it can be unlit, just the activity location is important.

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