Splatoon 3: Sizzle Season – Weapon Guide

Here is a list of some weapons in the Splatoon 3: Sizzle Season game with short descriptions which are presented in a slightly humorous way. Enjoy!

Weapon List

Clash Blaster

It’s based off of a pencil sharpener, and it has exactly a third of the fire rate as range blaster (20 frames compared to 60 frames).


Slowest shot velocity in the game and the only weapon that rebounds off walls.

Splatana Wiper

The wiper as its name states is based off a windshield wiper with a sponge attached to it.

It has the lowest direct damage in the game, being a melee hit missing the projectile, which is 15 damage.

.96 Gal Deco

This weapon is guaranteed to paint your feet after 5 shots, also it has had splash wall in all 3 games at this point.


This is the only weapon in the game that can change the shape of its shots without having a set direction.

Dynamo Roller

Dynamo is well, the slowest roller. Both flicks use 18% of the ink tank, letting you use only 5.

For some reason, if you are just about out of ink and you flick, a really weak bit of ink comes out and does I believe up to 70 damage, but it’s really not worth it

Glooga Dualies

The glooga dualies are the only dualies to have a completely different type of shooting when entering “turret” mode. It goes from shooting a moderately ranged 3 shot bullet to shooting a slightly longer ranged 2 shot bullet. Also, this weapon is one of the 2 dualies to not gain a fire rate boost in turret mode, the other being the dualie squelchers. Finally, this is one of the 3 bullet shooting weapons that can kill in two shots, the others being the 52 and 96 gal.

Also, they’re based off of hot glue guns.


You can attack up to 50 times with an inkbrush before your ink tank fully depletes(Assuming you do nothing else). Also, that weird thing the brush is connected to is supposed to be a weird-looking paint tube- So technically, inkbrush a brush-looking paint marker.

Tenta Brella

This brella is the only one that can oneshot and opens the slowest. It’s also the only brella that can make a kraken clip through the ground, as far as I know of.


The explosher is based on an jet heater. It’s also tge only heavy weight slosher.


It has both the same full charge time and matchmaking range of the snipewriter, each being 72 frames and 25 respectively.

Splat Roller

Its dash speed is the same as the dynamo’s roll speed, and they both consume 6% per second while rolling at maximum speed as well as both taking 90 frames to begin dashing.

Undercover Brella

Undercover is a lightweight brella, with one of the slowest kill times in the game.

It’s shield has 200 hp but obviously the weapon can be shot while held out.

Getting a kill or an assist completely restores the canopy, which is incredibly useful in certain situations. Saved me a couple times.

Splattershot Nova

It is the first new / and so far only main shooter to be added to Splatoon 3. It kills in 30 frames/0.5 seconds at point blank range.

Luna Blaster Neo

The weapon is based of of the moon, and I can imagine that this variant references the dark side of the moon, which never faces earth due to its equilateral rotation in orbit. It also has the same fire rate as the rapid blaster.

Ballpoint Splatling

It has the fastest fire rate in the game while in short range mode, being the only weapon that shoots every 3 frames.

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