Splitgate – Easter Eggs on Abyss Remastered

A couple Easter Eggs I found on Abyss Remastered.


If you turn off boundaries in settings, you can fly around and explore the maps.

I’ve checked every map and so far Abyss Remastered is the only map that has easter eggs like the ones in this guide. (That I can find at least).

Precious Goblin

On Abyss you can find an in-game version of the “Precious Goblin” spray from the S2 Battle Pass.

Go to this spot on Abyss.

Turn off boundaries and fly to this spot.

He appears when you get close enough.

Up-close View. (He’s dancing).

Mini T-200

You can find an in-game version of this spray from the S2 Battlepass.

With boundaries turned off, fly to the top of the waterfall.

Fly up and land on the highest walkway.

You can find him at the ledge of the waterfall.

Up-close view. (He’s also dancing).

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