Undertale – How to Get All Yellow Monster Descriptions

How to act to get all yellow monster descriptions on the true pacifist credit scene.


  • Froggit: compliment + spare
  • Whimsun: console + spare
  • Moldsmal: flirt + spare
  • Loox: don’t pick on + spare
  • Migosp: talk (when it is alone) + spare
  • Vegetoid: dinner (make sure to touch the green attacks) + spare
  • Napstablook: cheer X4


  • Ice cap: ignore X2 + steal + compliment + spare
  • Snowdrake: check + laugh + spare
  • Doggo: check(do not get hit) + pet + spare
  • Gyftrot: undecorate X3 + spare
  • Lesser Dog: pet X6 + spare
  • Greater Dog: beckon + pet + play + pet X2 + spare
  • Dogamy and Dogaressa: roll around + re-sniff + pet Dogamy + pet Dogaressa + spare


  • Woshua: clean (touch green attacks) + spare
  • Aaron: when you leave from Napstablook’s house keep a CD playing, then you will come across Aaron and Woshua and a cutscene will play
  • Shyren: hum X5
  • Moldbygg: unhug + spare
  • Temmie: talk + spare
  • Mad Dummy: talk + (anything until Napstablook comes)


  • Vulkin: hug / encourage + spare
  • Tsunderplane: approach (make sure to touch four of the green attacks) + spare
  • Pyrope: heat up X2 + spare
  • Royal Guards: RG2 clean armor (clean RG2’s armor by touching the green attack) + RG1 whisper
  • Final Froggit: mystify + spare
  • Whimsalot: pray + spare
  • Astigmatism: (do anything for the first turn) + pick on / don’t pick on (do what Astigmatism tells you to do, not the opposite) + spare
  • Madjick: talk / stare X2 + spare
  • Knight Knight: sing X2 (if you did not act correctly with Shyren then sing X3) + spare (if you need to sing X3 then you have lost Shyren’s yellow description)


  • Memoryhead: cell + refuse + spare
  • Endogeny: beckon + pet + play + pet X2 + spare
  • Lemon Bread: unhug + flex + hum + spare
  • Snowdrake Parent: joke X3 + spare
  • Bird: mystify + pray + pick on + spare

And that’s all the monsters with obtainable yellow descriptions in the credits scene for the true pacifist ending, thank you for reading my first guide ever.

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