Squad – How to Fix Low FPS, Headaches, Nausea/Motion Sickness (with Gameplay Tips)

Performance Fixing Guide

Increasing Frame Rate and Reducing Nausea/Motion Sickness Part One:

I recently upgraded to a 32″ Monitor 1440p just to play Squad. I was experiencing several problems with the new update, due to the overuse of Depth of Field effects (aka Soldier Vision TM). I tried switching back to my 24″ 1080p monitor and found this will reduce your exposure nausea and motion sickness.

I can finally enjoy the 6.0 update, and have a even higher frame rate then before!

Fixing Nausea/Motion Sickness Part Two:

Avoid scopes like the PU-1 on the Mosin and SKS, because P U, it stinks. They for some reason increased the eye relief to a full meter (39″ for Amerucans) even though all the scopes in game have a Real World(TM) value of about 1-3″ of eye relief. This resulted in the scope being really small and them filling the remaining 99% of the screen with what I call headache pixels.

Its so bad they had to increase the damage, nerfing body amor in the process and shortening firefights. Anyone else find that ironic? No, just me?

Bonus Gameplay Tips: Proper Employment of Supressive Fire, Part One

Situational Awareness has been heavily nerfed in this update, Use this to your advantage.

You no longer need to communicate exact enemy location to you teammates.

Instead of giving a quick and concise callout of the enemies direction, distance, and description (Veteran CoD players call this the Three D’s), Save time by YELLING “SUPPRESSIVE FIRE” into the mic as loud as possible. Then go Full auto in the general direction of the enemy. This will alert your teamates that they should also go full auto in that direction. Do not worry about accuracy if your center cone of fire is within 50m of they enemy, they will be effectively suppressed. This is a Real World(tm) technique.

I have included a little link to a .gif in case you are still unclear on proper technique.

Bonus Gameplay Tips: Proper Employment of Supressive Fire, Part Two

Avoid using machine guns like the M-240B and PKM. They are no longer good at denying avenues of approach or key terrain features such as open fields (this is also known as suppression). To reiterate; suppression has been nerfed on the medium machine guns. Use only the Automatic Rifles such as RPK or M-249, as they typically carry more ammo and are easier to shoot while moving with the team. Keep this in mind even though they a generally garbage in previous patches. My cousins roommate’s uncle was a Navy Seal Ranger Sniper Commander and he said Automatic Rifles suck in the Real World(tm) too, but trust me you want them over every other kit in game now.

Bonus Bonus tip: Why and How to “Get Gud”

While researching for this guide, I was told several times I just needed to “Get Gud”. I discovered its a Pro PsyOps tactic. The goal is to convince everyone you are only capable of constructing 2-3 syllable sentences, and thus only appear to be a total moron. Also just in general be as toxic as possible. This will lower community moral, and thus lower your enemy moral.

For those who think 6.0 is now perfect, Two Tips on how to enjoy it even more:

If you are having no problems with the update and are enjoying it, that is a good thing. But I have a couple tips for you too! I suggest enabling the motion blur setting to maximize your enjoyment even further.

Once you are done with that, be sure to spam the forum that no adjustments or tweaks will ever be needed and 6.0 should be the final version. If you are enjoying it now, It would be impossible for you to enjoy it if slight improvements where made further down the road. If someone has a balance or other suggestion, just respond “skill Issue”. That way others will think you are too dumb to have a conversation with and won’t waste their time with actual original thoughts or logical arguments. Who has time for that?

I’d like to thank OWI for new update, I like the PIP scopes. Hopefully, they will make some adjustments soon so you can see the rest of the game too.

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