Star Wars: The Old Republic – Launcher EULA Fix Guide

Problem of recurring queries regarding the EULA after login in the launcher.

Guide to Fix Launcher EULA


  • Navigate to your Star Wars: The Old Republic installation folder (…\steamapps\common\Star Wars – The Old Republic)
  • Check if the “eula.settings” is present in the root directory:

If no

  • Open the editor and save an empty file in the root directory under “eula.settings” (Pay attention to the file type: “All files”!).
  • Start the SWTOR Launcher as usual, log in and accept all the EULA hints.
  • Delete the “eula.settings” again and restart the launcher including accepting the EULA notes again.

The problem should be fixed now.

When does the problem occur?

  • Usually after verifying corrupted game files.

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