The Past Within – How to Play Solo (PC Only)

This guide will describe with pictures the process of how to play this game on the same computer for those that cannot play it with others. Warning. This game has been designed to be played with a co-op player. Doing things this way is going against the intended way to play. And as such will make the game experience worse for you. You have been warned!

Guide to Play on the Same PC


For anyone wondering why I am making this guide. Players can and will find a way to solo play this game. I am just going to make it as easy as possible. However i highly suggest players should play this game with a friend. But not everyone will be able to do so.

For those that can or are willing to play this game with someone else. I would suggest going to the Rusty Lake Discord group. As there are plenty of fans of the series who would happily play with you. But for those who won’t or can’t here is how to solo play this game by yourself. But be prepared that you are robbing yourself of the intended experience for playing this game.

Step 1: Buy One Copy of the Game.

You only need one copy of this game to make this work. So buy the steam version of this game and download it. Run the steam version of the game and when it is running click on the gear icon in the top right.

In the settings menu you will need to turn off “Fullscreen mode”.

Step 2: Setting Up the Second Windowed Version of the Game

Now go back to your Steam library and right click on the game “The Past Within” in the drop down menu click on Properties.

In the new window click the tab “local files” in the left hand menu and then the button “Browse” in the top right.

This should open up the games local directory window. Here you can click on the game “The Past Within” to open up the second window of this game.

Step 3: Just Play the Game on Two Windows

On one window make sure to play as the past and the other window play as the future. Also make sure to pick the same puzzle setting (Butterfly or Bee) on both windows.

When playing the game on one window the other will be paused. So timed puzzles will be easier to do.

Hope this guide helps. But again. I would prefer it if you never had to use it.

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  1. I can’t get a second version to run. When I click on the local directory, it just takes me to the already opened game on my laptop.

  2. If you play this way, then when passing for the other side then do not give achievements in steam. It is necessary to reset achievements in the game before the second playthrough. Tested it on myself, had to pass the third time

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