Starfield – How to Decorate Your Ship (Interior Tips)

This short guide is about how to decorate your ship inside.

Tips and Tricks

Drop stuff, move it around by holding down E, just like you would in other Bethesda games. You can only do that with small items though. Furniture is fixed as part of the ship part’s design, Many parts have multiple variations to pick from, which will have different interiors.

You can build furniture in build menu.

Also mind you that ship interior also gets slightly altered based on where habitat modules are connected. For example if there are beds or a research station etc. in a particular spot in a module normally, if there is a door instead that leads to a different habitat modules then of course those beds, research station etc. will not be there. Same with ladders may remove a room feature. There is no way to manually change the interior by placing furniture itself.

Pro tip

When customizing your ship you can change the habitat type to change the interior design. When building check for other types in the same selection.

Hope this helps.

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