Starshifter – Forest Secret Unlocks Guide

Guide for collecting all feathers, the flower, the rock, and the egg!

Guide to Forest Secret Unlocks


Feathers can be tricky to locate. Playing without grass and no detailing can make them easier to spot.

Feather 1

This feather is located on the small island in the river just ahead of the forest spawn point from prairie. It is at the very edge of the water.

Feather 2

This feather is located on a rock at the first plateau on the left (cliff area with flat top) from the forest spawn point from prairie.

Feather 3

This feather is located at about the dead center of the map, in the middle of a long/thin plateau.

Feather 4

This feather is located inside the log next to the dig quest (which for map reference is located opposite of the lake area close to the forest – marsh connection).

Feather 5

This feather is located on a small dirt mound, surrounded on two sides by groups of yellow flowers in the much flatter area at the far end of the map (near to the forest – marsh connection). The mound is located near the central point of the three geysers in the area.

Skin Unlocks

The flower quest unlocks a skin for Coyote.

The flower is located near the small water pool that connects into the large cave area, against the massive cliff face.

The flower can be given to the two deer (not the ‘deer trapped in pit’ deer) adjacent to this same lake.

The rock quest unlocks a skin for Crow.

The rock is found just left of the forest spawn point from prairie close to the canyon edge and near where the bunnies run.

The rock can be given to crow (presumably anywhere). If for some reason crow doesn’t take the rock and unlock the skin, restart the game, as it seems to fix this issue.

The egg gives a skin for Weasel.

Note: in the current build – the July 25th Patch – the weasel skin usage is tied to the crow skin usage. To activate the weasel skin, you must swap the crow skin instead. Doing so swaps both crow and weasels skins

The egg is located near the center of the map, on the same plateau as feather 3. It is extremely hard to spot with grass and high detailing on, and is at the very tip of the plateau on the side of the river.

The egg can be given to the eagle found near the river’s entrance right of the forest spawn point from prairie. (Of interest, in the current build, the eagle does not shift color in star vision and has no collision)

For all of these unlocks, you should only need to carry the object to the animal that takes them, and not have to drop it. If this does not work, try restarting the game.

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