Overwatch 2 – Underworld Challenge – Lore Hunter – All 5 Locations

Screenshot and video walkthrough on how to find all 5 Lore points of interest!

All Lore POIs

Underworld Challenges

For the new Underworld Event in Overwatch 2, there is a challenge to find 5 items of interest on the new PvE map. These can be easily missed if you aren’t looking, but below will be the locations so you can find them all. These lore items will be indicated with a shiny marker where you will interact with it.

Anti-Omnic Graffiti

On a wall just as you are about to enter the tunnel area where the Payload would usually enter (There’s also a lore just to the right, behind this).

Mondatta Memorial

Near the big statue, where the first control point usually is (on the attacker’s side).

Lucio Record

This is found in a building upstairs, where the first standoff objective is in the new mode(across from the generator).

Underworld Sign

This is found at the entrance of the tunnel where the payload usually goes. You can get this easily after the graffiti lore.

Lucio Concert Poster

This is found in the same general area as the first standoff location in the new mode.

Video Guide

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