Starship Troopers: Extermination – The Ultimate Operator Build for Veteran Difficulty

Do you want to live forever trooper? And have fun blasting bugs at the same time? Well this briefing is for you!


Alright trooper! Lets get you kitted out to not just blast those Tiger bugs, but play a big role in helping the team survive these difficult excursions.

The Kit

First up trooper! You will want to be a Operator, I know you want to explode those bugs but we’ll get to that soon.

Secondly, You will want this set up:

The set up contains the C-32 Chi-Hong Grenade Launcher, The TW-109-E Emancipator, The First Aid Stims, The Chem Grenade, And for your perks: Pain Boosters and Synthetic Underarmor.

With this kit, you can take double the damage from most bugs and run faster to your teammates when you take ANY source of damage. Which is where the Grenade Launcher comes in, you can take damage and sprint to your team to help them out when needed, along with the perk of blowing up those bugs to pieces! The sidearm will allow you to stun those bugs when you need a chance to run away or to not get stuck in a stun-lock. The First Aid Stims will allow you to heal yourself and your teammates quickly along with the perk of “self reviving” when your drone is active and you get downed.

The final cherry on top is that with the chem grenades you can slowly damage the bugs as they destroy the defenses. (More on that later)

Defending The Base

Alright Trooper! You made it through those main objectives and are ready for the base defense? Heres the plan.

  1. Build a bunker and a tower next to a door or any entrance your team has placed down to get ontop of the bunker.
  2. Put a Twin Machine Gun Emplacement on the the far corner of the bunker on the side of the path to the door.
  3. Blast those bugs! (Optional, Get a teammate to use the T.M.G.E and you can repair it while it fires.)
  4. Use those Chem Grenades on the wall/door on the pathway to damage those bugs to hopefully lower them down to a weakening state so your team can blast em!
  5. Use that grenade launcher trooper!
  6. Extract with your team, if someone goes down far away, leave them there! Its too risky depending on the situation!

Tip! Yell abunch of references from Starship Troopers to motivate your team! Example being: “Come on you apes! You Want To Live Forever?” And any other good quotes from other movies and such.

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