Stellar Initiative – Gameplay Tips (Resources, Buildings and Controls)

Here you will find a selection of useful tips to help you improve your gaming experience.

Useful Tips for Gameplay

Quick upgrade / Pause

Quick upgrade is added in the update 1.0.1. You can press when hovering or selecting.

Until the in-game tutorial was written, the only way to pause the game was to press the Esc key. After the last update the pause button was added to the game.

Extending range with buildings

The way it works is every building has a signal range, which is shown in the stats. After placed, the signal is transferred from left to right so buildings extend it.


Stellarium is locked as 3 to 1 to Aetherium, but it is a bit easier to use early on. And the probability for this starting bonus is about 60 to 40 Stellarium to Aethirum.

Tips to a mission with the cryo debuff

Cryo effect can be absolutely ignored with a good build order when the station has no idle time. If your build does not allow it – I would recommend to not picking missions with this effect.

In the case of liquid armor – if you start, say, with Supplies, you will have a very strong opening with a cost of some health.

Rare artifacts

Most of the Rare artifacts have downsides, but with the right strategy, they can be extremely strong. Capacitors excel when you have any other bonus for energy generation or reduced station upgrade, or the ability to put strong immune building like Deathrain early.

Early and late game tips

  • You can’t play without a wall if you don’t have a strong turret. Look at the artifacts you are given, and adjust the strategy.
  • If you have a good early-game artifact, then tech into strong late-game options.
  • If you have a good late-game artifact, tech into turrets for the early game.


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