Magic Research 2 – Gameplay Tips

Useful Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Familiars Tips

Each primary element has their own transmute item that transform your slimes into a different familiar, they all do different things. There are also 3 standard ones that everyone can use.

You can send them to zones to farm monstium and items that drop from mobs in that zone. You can also send them to auto explore and they just farm the highest level they can – the higher their level, the stronger they are in a fight and the higher level adventure zones they can explore.

You can bring one into combat with you. You can use a tank pet (bunny, scarab, rock golem) to soak hits for you, or you can do the opposite and become the tank while your pet does the dps (fish,dryad ect).

There’s a ^v arrow thing between your hp bars, use that to change position. You can’t really go wrong with having a scarab as tank and then using a cocoon ring (lvl 40 earth and mind? poison? i forget) to make them even tankier for example.

Unlocks from Magic Research 1 Save

  • Unlock 1 – Mimic: Clear the Mimic Storyline.
  • Unlock 2 – Trophy Replica: Win the Tournament of Magic at least once.
  • Unlock 3 – Headmaster’s Staff: Unlock Creation.

Poison Duration Mechanic Explained

Poison duration for weapons will stack up per swing. Meaning higher attack speed can increase the duration of poison in addition to this with the Schematics storyline you can upgrade equipment (including both the Baselard, Assassin’s Cloak, and another Accessory down the line) which will add up to thousands of damage a second.

Tip for Dealing with Silence Life on Lytha?

You have a few options:

  • Potions to heal instead.
  • Status Shield.
  • Knockout.
  • Stunning Rune.

How to Beat Lytha

I beat it for the first time by wearing Poison Staff, Mythril Armor, Mythril shield and Gold Shield. Got a lot of boosts into defense and stockpiled greater health potions (auto-use off).

It was a battle of attrition and I had a bazillion heals always going off, spells did all the damage for me. Got Soar up whenever it summoned a golem, and always made sure to cast Curse when it was casting Absorb Familiar.

  • Use the potions whenever your HP gets low and your heals are on cooldown.
  • Past half HP it starts to use Psychic Slam, make sure to use Guard for that one.
  • If Guard is on cooldown use Knockout to cancel it, or Paralysis to delay it.

Tips for Fighting the Elephant

The avian elephant has high evade. Landslide reduces evade, as do certain spells and abilities. The avian elephant is also very slow in terms of attack speed, so things that magnify magnify this such as Frost will help greatly. When using this make sure it itself is not already Airborne.

The Avian elephant also has very low defense. A weapon with high attack speed and low damage will do pretty well here.

Tips for First Boss under 5 Minutes

  • In settings, disable the popups.
  • Start with an element you’ve done before, immediately sell shards to get to 1500 gold, use some land, now start towers.
  • You probably already have the storylines that reduce exploration requirements based on the amount of times you’ve done the zone, so you’ll probably need 6-7 kills to clear each.
  • Auto floor doesn’t move between towers so have to do it manually.

Tips on Killing Sand Dweller

Poison and high damage attacks are still your best offensive options. As for defensive, make sure Twister and Sear are casting to keep debuffs up. I’d recommend a silver mace. Oh, also keep blur up too.

Study Guide

Note: Recommended maxing Time, Mind, and Electric in that order.


  • Air/Eletric on Time Warp (Study)
  • Poison/Holy on Enchant Experience Catalysts
  • Death/Poison (prism) on Enchant Hyper Catalysts


  • Snake Staff
  • Robe of Time Wizardry
  • Bell of Time
  • Gloves of Spell Strength


3 Minds in a straight line parallel to 3 Times in a straight line parallel to 3 Eletrics in a straight line (Eletric and Mind CANNOT touch)

This will allow any run to make a minimum 10.1B exp/s research speed, and 1.09T research every 13s extra thanks to TimeWarp (Study).

Higher numbers are achievable if using Primar(y/ies) of Time/Mind under Sage Class (or under Student Class, any primary).

Gear Unlocks

  • Snake Staff is mind lvl 29 or rare drop from Psion cobra
  • Robe of Time Wizardry is time lvl 36
  • Bell of Time is time lvl 72
  • Gloves of Spell Strength is Death lvl 61
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