Stranded Sails – Explorers of the Cursed Islands – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Guide for getting all achievements in Stranded Sails – Explorers of the Cursed Islands.

How to Obtain All Achievements


The game isn’t very hard, and you will most likely get most of the achievements just by following the story. After completing the story, you can continue playing, so no achievements are missable.

Maps with All Collectibles

For some reason a few collectibles are not marked on the maps, so I marked them myself.

Besides the collectibles, each island has different fish, crop seeds and spice seeds, which you also need to collect.

Story Related

Stranded Survivor

Survive the shipwreck


Cook your first Food


Craft your first Item


Discover your first cooking recipe

Recipes are discovered by mixing and matching ingredients, while doing this, the ingredients are not consumed.

Stew for the Crew

Unlock the Stew for the Crew


Reunite the whole Crew

Survival Camp

Build all of the Crew member’s shacks

The Right Tools for the Job

Unlock all Tools

Danger Ahead

Complete your first combat encounter

Ancestral Recall

Summon the Ancestor

Ship Ahoy!

Complete the Ship


Lift the Curse

The End

Complete the Story Questline

Remaining Achievements


Discover all Crop Seeds

Open crates and dig up shining spots.


Discover all Spice Seeds

Found in chests.


Discover every Fish.

Master Chef

Discover all cooking recipes

Trial and error. Or look up a recipe guide.


Unlock all structures in your camp by increasing your Crew’s Happiness Level and build them

Each crew member has their favorite stew ingredients, which fill up the happiness meter twice as fast, but if you don’t have their favorite ingredient, anything else will do. I fed my crew with lots of corn.

Here are their favorites:

  • Charles: Allspice Powder, Bluefish, White Marlin
  • Sven: Potato, Onion, Clam
  • Fiola: Cob of Corn, Tomato, Rice, Eggplant
  • Logan: Carrot, Pumpkin, Crab
  • Fritz: Chili Flakes, Mackerel, Flounder
  • Teresa: Cane Sugar, Seabass
  • Cecilia: Fresh Thyme, Ginger Root, Lobster
  • Brenda: Black Pepper, Red Snapper

Well Equipped

Unlock all tool upgrades by increasing your Crew’s Happiness Level

Happy Crew

Reach Crew Happiness Level 60


Discover the whole Map

To fully explore each island you need to have bridges, ladders and climbing ropes unlocked.


Discover all Lore Artifacts

Some artifacts are hidden in caves:

  • Champion’s Genesis is on the Central island and Camp site.
  • Ancient Prophecy is on the North-Western island.
  • The World’s Shaping is on the South-Western island.
  • Eternal Champion is on the Southern island.
  • Captain Barbaross’ Logbook, Admiral Kennwalk’s Notebook and Commander Davenport’s Journal are on the North-Eastern Island.

Treasure Hunter

Find and dig up all buried Golden Tools

As you level up your crew happiness level, you can receive treasure maps from the parrot.

Treasure maps are required for getting the Collector achievement. Here are screenshots with golden tool locations:

Golden Axe

Golden Shovel

Golden Fishing Rod

Golden Bucket

Golden Sword

Honorable Warrior

Defeat 100 consecutive waves of easy difficulty enemies in the Ancestor’s Trial

Each trial took me around 30 minutes. To make the trials easier, do it during the day, have Teresa’s hat perk, and bring some food with you.

Powerful Warrior

Defeat 70 consecutive waves of medium difficulty enemies in the Ancestor’s Trial

Legendary Warrior

Defeat 50 consecutive waves of hard difficulty enemies in the Ancestor’s Trial

This one was a bit tough, don’t be cheap and bring some good food with you.

I wish the game had a dodge or a block, getting stunlocked by red pirates is very frustrating.

Hat Collector

Unlock all Hats by increasing your Crew’s Happiness Level and mastering the Ancestor’s Trial.

In total there are 8 hats. 5 are unlocked from the crew stew, and the last 3 from trials.


Discover all Items

The required items are seeds, fish, recipes, artifacts, hats, tools, golden tools and treasure maps from the stew.

You don’t actually need all items in the game, for example pearls, tentacles, feathers and worn-out dice are optional.


Thank you for reading. I hope this guide was helpful.

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