Stranded Sails – Explorers of the Cursed Islands – All Fleeting Essence Locations

Locations for all the Fleeting Essence items.

Locations of Fleeting Essence Items


Once you have the Bridge Building Kit, you’ll begin finding these Fleeting Essences scattered about, one per island. In the beginning, you can access four of them, but the fifth won’t be available until later in the game.

Don’t bother picking them up until the Ancestor gives you the canoe. Every time you gain the Relaxed buff, the Essences are removed from your inventory, meaning you’ll have to collect them all over again. Because of this, you’ll have to do them all at once, without going home, so make sure you have plenty of food on-hand to recover from all the running, rowing, and probably loot-gathering you’ll do on the way.

By the time I did this, I had the Lifeboat perk from Shipwright Sven’s Cozy friendship level, which lets you teleport to your rowboat if it’s on the same island, and Take the Shortcut from Captain Charles’ Attentive perk, which lets you travel between portal stones on the same island for free.

The first time I tried to gather the Essences, I picked them up from the NW, SW, and S islands, then headed for the NE one… but forgot I was in the rowboat. I passed out half-way there because of the storm, revived back at camp, and had to start over again.

So, I parked the canoe at the Central island, next to the Lonely Sandbars portal stone, and took the rowboat to start on the NW island, then down to SW and S. From there, I rowed up to the Cliffside Beach portal stone (taking a wide berth around the camp’s area, just in case), and picked up that Essence. Afterward, I was able to teleport to the rowboat, portal to Lonely Sandbars, grab my canoe, and head over to the NE island. I won’t say it’s the required order, but I found it the easiest.

Northwest Island

  • Closest Teleport: Abandoned mine

If you’re like me, this is most likely the first one you found while playing normally. This one doesn’t have a map since it’s in a cave, but hopefully the instructions will do.

Route: This Essence is located in the Abandoned Mine where you found the first statue for the Ancestor. From the cave entrance, follow the right wall to the spot where you had to build the bridge. Continue following the right wall until you pass through the door to another section of cave.

From there, follow the left wall, meaning you’ll take every left turn. This will lead you to the junction in the screenshot. Northwest would take you to the platform where you fought the third set of ghost pirates; continue south to reach the Essence.

Southwest Island

  • Closest Teleport: Jungle Path

Like the NW Essence, this one is on the route to the Ancestor’s statue.

Route: From the teleporter, head up the ramp to the north, toward the area where you found Cecile. Follow the south edge of the plateau, to where you had to build the bridge. At the next smaller pillar, take the NE bridge upward, to the same landing where you fought the first set of ghost pirates. On the southern edge of the platform is the bridge to the Essence.

South Island

  • Closest Teleport: Flooded Cave

This is one of the easiest Essences to locate.

Route: From the teleporter, just follow the cliff around to the NE. Continue past the cave, and it’s right out in the open.

Central Island

  • Closest Teleport: Dense Forest

This one is also very easy to find.

Route: From the teleporter, cross the bridge and follow the southern edge of the cliff. It’ll take you right to the Essence.

Northeast Island

  • Closest Teleporter: Smuggler’s Hideout

You won’t be able to access this one until receiving the canoe from the Ancestor.

Route: You can practically see it from the teleporter. Just take a few steps to the northeast, and it’s sitting on a campfire.

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  1. Super super helpful with nearest teleports and explanations and all. I thought relaxed meant going to sleep and was confused why I kept losing them. Thank you.

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