Stray – All 8 Sheet Music Locations

Pictures for all 8 sheet music locations.

Locations of All Sheet Music

Sheet Music 1 – “Petite Valse”

“Sounds cool! Here, watch that.”

Inside Momo’s apartment, in the dark room.

Sheet Music 2 – “Ballad of the Lonely Robot”

“I think I can play this, look!”

On this table near clementine’s apartment.

Sheet Music 3 – “Untitled”

“This tune contains exactly 44 notes.”

Inside Elliot Programming, first floor.

Sheet Music 4 – “The Way You Compute Tonight”

“Oh that’s a nice one. hear me out!”

Sold by the merchant for 1 energy can.

Sheet Music 5 – “Tomorrows”

“Sounds cool! here, watch that.”

Inside Dufer Bar, second floor.

Sheet Music 6 – “Cool Down”

“I think I can play this, look!”

Inside Clementine’s apartment.

Sheet Music 7 – “Mildly Important Information”

“This one was composed by a renowned algorithm.”

Inside Doc’s apartment, on the piano.

Sheet Music 8 – “Unreadable Sheet Music”

“Hum… Not very readable but I can still try …”

At the end of the street where Morusque is, inside the safe.

Enjoy the music!

She seems to loop the song forever if you nap next to her

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