Sucker for Love: Date to Die For – How to Complete Chapter 2 Evolution

This tips will help you to complete the Chapter 2.

Tips to Complete Chapter 2 Evolution

Billie can be tough yeah, I’m not entirely sure on how she works so take it with a grain of salt but this is how I think she works from personal experience. She has 2 modes when active; wandering and chasing. how she seems to work is that she defaults to wandering and when she hears you do things she moves to chasing. The way to tell what stage she’s in is by the noise she makes, soft metal clanging means she’s wandering, louder and faster clanging with subtitles means that she’s chasing.

When she’s wandering you want to be careful in how fast you move, peek through the doors and don’t open too quickly to avoid a chase but keep moving at a brisk pace.

When she’s chasing you want to be fast, she follows you from the direction you came from so don’t turn around and make wide circles if you have to. From personal experience it appears that she doesn’t enter the hallways so go there if you can’t loop her and wait her out

The most important thing is to not panic. Most threats in this game give you way more time than you realistically need so dying is almost always from error due to stress. So stay calm and take your time even when being chased and you should be alright.

You can just befriend Billie. If you’ve died to her once, Auntie Nyan Nyan will make a ton of marks on the wood board on the second floor to show how many times you’ve died. If you observe that, Stardust will make a comment on how she can make use of this and suggests waiting for Billie there.

If you wait for her to arrive, you’ll befriend her and she’ll no longer be hostile to you for the rest of the chapter.

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