Sunday Gold – Server Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough for the server area so you dont have to waste your time watching videos and ads on some gaming website.

Rebuilding the Server Stacks without Even Thinking

You might have looked at that email on the desktop computer and said “bahh! i dont wanna figure that out, im just gonna google it. Only to learn that there is one russian guy who has made a walkthrough (he does a fine job actually, if you have a lot of time to sit though it).

Here is the easy easy way.

Start by picking up all the servers from the table in the bottom right corner and removing all the servers except THOR from their racks.

Install them as such:

Top of the room

  • Left Side————Right Side
  • Loki ————— Heimdall
  • Mimr ———— Odin
  • Thor ————- Baldr
  • Ulur ————— Freya

Bottom of the room

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