Super Chibi Knight – How to Savestate a File

Whether you’re looking to grind out a hard achievement, scope out a new area, or just brute-force a boss fight, you’re probably going to die more than a couple times. I’m looking to help you mitigate that, at least somewhat.

Guide to Savestate a File

Finding the Files

For the sake of not leaving anything out, I’ll assume that the files you need to edit are hidden somewhere you haven’t looked. Here’s the absolute path in File Explorer that should bring you right to it:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\88535179\283080\remote

I’m not certain if that long string of numbers is unique to each person, but it’s conceptually the same thing.

Once you’re in the folder named “remote”, you should be able to see your game files. There should be (a) file(s) named “gamefile(#)”, where (#) can be from 1 to 3, depending on which save slot you put your game in. There’s also a file named “SCK”, which is irrelevant to this guide.

Once you’ve found these files, you’re ready to start the process!

Making Batch Scripts

If you’re on anything other than Windows, I apologize in advance. Either use your system’s equivalent to a batch script, or just skip to the next section.

Now that you have access to your game saves, it’s time to make a simple little program or 2! Don’t worry, they’re only 8 lines of code each.

You’ll be making 2 new “.bat” files in your game folder, “Savestate Create.bat” and “Savestate Load.bat”. These will run the entire process automatically (and very quickly) at the press of a button, which is very handy if you’re grinding the Insanity achievement and the like.

First, make a new file (If you can’t create a batch file directly, just make any type and change the ending to .bat). Rename the file to “Savestate Create.bat”, and right click it. Press Edit. Here’s the code for you to dump into it:

IF EXIST “savestate” del “savestate”
mkdir “temp”
copy “gamefile1” “temp”
ren “temp\gamefile1” “savestate”
move “temp\savestate” “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\88535179\283080\remote”
rmdir “temp”

Rinse and repeat the above process, this time naming the file “Savestate Load.bat”. And here’s the code for it:

IF EXIST “gamefile1” del “gamefile1”
mkdir “temp”
copy “savestate” “temp”
ren “temp\savestate” “gamefile1”
move “temp\gamefile1” “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\88535179\283080\remote”
rmdir “temp”

Note: These programs are designed to make and load savestates for your first (top) save slot! If you want to make or load a savestate in another file’s place, either edit the batch scripts directly, or make duplicate batches that run the steps over the other file(s).

For testing purposes, you should create a blank dummy file named “savestate”, to make sure the program doesn’t get confused. It should be programmed to work around that, but you never really know.

Alright, that should be it! Unless something got lost in translation (It’s honestly entirely possible that I copied something wrong, but it should be easy to fix on your end), these 2 should work in conjunction to grant you the power of savestates! Have fun with infinite lives!

Doing it Manually

For anyone not on Windows, or if you just don’t feel like following the simple steps above for some reason, here’s how to do it without your computer doing it for you.


  1. If there’s an existing file named “savestate”, delete it
  2. Duplicate “gamefile1”
  3. Rename the duplicate to “savestate”


  1. Delete the existing “gamefile1” that you want to load
  2. Duplicate “savestate”
  3. Rename the duplicate to “gamefile1”

This is assuming that you want to make a savestate of “gamefile1”. If you have other files that you’d like to savestate, follow the steps with them and not “gamefile1”. Easy as pie.

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