Supraland Six Inches Under – Battery Flight Glitch Guide

The glitch would be found by many as its so easy to do.

How Battery Flight Glitch is Work

The battery flying glitch works when you can grab the battery without having other metal stuff nearby. There is a few that you can do it on that give you flying such as being careful in the bank vault to fly out and above cagetown and from there you can access a bunch of areas.

The other spots are in both endgame areas letting you easily nab a few chests and trophies with slightly less effort.

The glitch doesnt break the game or whatever but its fun anyway.

Going near any metal instantly breaks the glitch so it limits the areas you can access with it.

There is a couple map breaks in the massive lava area as well where you can escape the map and even reach some box under the map.


lso touching the water will break the flight. But not jsut stops it like with other metal/magnet objects. Instead of that you movement becomes very weird – you will glide automatically near the ground in horizontal axis without possibilty to move up. Pure glitch.

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