SurrounDead – Storage and Vehicles Stats Guide

Want to know which backpacks there are, which is largest or which is most space efficient? Which vehicle is best for your mobile storage or best for squashing zombies? This guide tries to gather it all.


All credit goes to Jack !

Backpacks for in the Backpack slot.

Money Pouch3×2 (6)1×16Accepts only Moneyv1.3.4
Ammo Container5×4 (20)2×25Accepts only Ammov1.3.4
Keycard Briefcase5×4 (20)2×25Accepts only Keycardsv1.3.4
Small Backpack4×5 (20)3×41.67v1.3.4
School Backpack4×5 (20)3×41.67v1.3.4
Dry Bag4×5 (20)5×5 (25)3×41.67 – 2.08v1.3.4
Satchel Pack5×5 (25)3×42.08v1.3.4
Traveller Backpack5×6 (30)3×42.5v1.3.4
Military Backpack6×6 (36)3×43v1.3.4
Patrol Backpack5×5 (25)6×7 (42)4×41.56 – 2.63v1.3.4
Sling Backpack5×5 (25)6×7 (42)4×41.56 – 2.63v1.3.4
Scavenger Backpack6×7 (42)4×42.63v1.3.4
Hunting Backpack6×8 (48)4×43v1.3.4
Survival Backpack5×6 (30)6×8 (48)4×51.50 – 2.40v1.3.4
Hiking Backpack5×8 (40)6×9 (54)4×61.67 – 2.25v1.3.4
Alice Backpack7×8 (56)5×52.24v1.3.4
Coyote Backpack6×7 (42)7×9 (63)5×51.68 – 2.52v1.3.4
Duffle Bag5×7 (35)6×31.94v1.3.4
Large Coyote Backpack7×8 (56)8×10 (80)6×61.55 – 2.22v1.3.4

* Ratio of a backpack is the amount of storage slots you get per backpack size slot. E.g. A Small Backpack gives you 20 (4×5) slots, but it’s size is 12 slots (3×4). So 20 / 12 = 1.67 storage slots per size slot. Which would make the Military Backpack the most efficient backpack in the game. Exception given that the Large Coyote Backpack would be best to equip in your backpack slot.


Containers for in the Container slot.

Secure Container5×2 (10)2×22.5v1.3.4
Medical Container6×6 (36)2×29Accepts only medical itemsv1.3.4
Military Container6×3 (18)2×24.5v1.3.4

Placeable Storage

Storage you can place around the world.

Tent (Dome)8×7 (56)3×3v1.3.4
Tent (Triangle)10×5 (50)4×2v1.3.4
Tent (Large)8×8 (64)4×2v1.3.4
Makeshift Tent8×6 (48)3×3v1.3.4
Storage Crate (Flat)10×5 (50)1×3v1.3.4
Storage Crate (Square)6×6 (36)2×2v1.3.4
Storage Crate (Square)7×7 (49)2×2v1.3.4
Storage Crate (Rectangle)8×6 (42)3×2v1.3.4
Ammo Crate10×8 (80)3×2Accepts only Ammov1.3.4
Military Crate10×6 (60)3×2v1.3.4
Fridge6×10 (60)2×3Accepts only Consumablesv1.3.4
Gun Locker8×8 (64)2×3Accepts only Guns/Attachmentsv1.3.4
Money Safe4×4 (16)2×2Accepts only Moneyv1.3.4
Dresser7×4 (28)3×2v1.3.4


Stats of Vehicles.

NameHitpointsFuel TankTrunk SizeMax SpeedVersion
4×4 Jeep10012508×8 (64)50 Mphv1.3.4
Ambulance10012509×9 (81)40 Mphv1.3.4
Big Rig150150010×12 (120)36 Mphv1.3.4
Buggy10010008×6 (48)58 Mphv1.3.4
Golf Cart755005×4 (20)57 Mphv1.3.4
Military Humvee125150010×8 (80)76 Mphv1.3.4
Pickup Truck10010008×8 (64)45 Mphv1.3.4
RV100125010×8 (80)39 Mphv1.3.4
SUV10010008×8 (64)40 Mphv1.3.4
Utility Truck12512508×8 (64)36 Mphv1.3.4
Utility Truck (Modified)175150010×12 (120)36 Mphv1.3.4
Damaged Sedan10010007×6 (42)80 Mphv1.3.4
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