Survival: Fountain of Youth – How to Beat The Snake Boss

Useful Tips for Killing The Snake Boss

General Tips:

Puma potions are very strong. Also, you can run between platforms rather than jumping. I found it more consistently safe to do so as well.don’t be afraid to use a living water mid fight if you have a stockpile and think you can win with it.

Also don’t be afraid to run out of the arena if the fight turns sour on you.

Equipment Tips:

Iron saber is way too strong for me to not recommend. You may want a ranged weapon as backup in which case I don’t value the guns at all due to the ammo costs. If you plan to use one over a crossbow use the flintlock rifle. A good melee covers 70-90% of the fight though.

Specific Boss Patterns:

Early on, attack with melee after dodging a bite. You can get a few attacks in per cycle. at low hp it will start spawning far from you and spitting poison. This is probably the most dangerous part of the fight, but if you just run parallel to the spawn you will dodge the attack. This is when you probably want to use ranged as it saves time playing cat and mouse with the serpent.

Note: Once I learned to avoid the poison spit and realizing you don’t need to jump platforms the fight became a lot easier. Though my first few walks into it went poorly. In general the fights in this game aren’t super souls-like difficult, but the bosses are at least not a complete joke the first time I’ve walked into them.

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