Survival: Fountain of Youth – Gameplay Tips (Ark Ship, Resources and Boss)

Useful Tips and Tricks

New game “Daytime Speed” setting explained

  • x1 means that virtual time goes at the same speed as real-time.
  • 1 real-time minute = 1 virtual time minute.
  • x64: 1 real-time minute = 64 virtual time minutes.

And those settings do not affect crafting/building.

How to access crows nest on the Ark

Masts on the Ark ship are not climbable. This feature is only for the schooner.

New Ark Ship

If you have pretty much finished the game you can head straight to Silver Island and inspect the ark ship. It’s going to ask for materials to be repaired but there doesn’t seem to be a list. Once you repair it asks for more materials. Be prepared to do some sailing back and forth from you base to the ship for each repair. So far I can say bring wooden planks, rope made of skins, iron ingots and linen cloth. And while your at it craft a new set of iron armor its really good.

What’s great is that you can Move all your machines and equipment, so turning the Ark into a floating base shouldn’t be too much trouble.

The only hassle is going to be transferring storage inventory, but getting it set up is probably only a day’s work.

Find chest with ammo quest

In quest need find five chests with ammo for cannon from sunked ships at each regions.

Look for the masts of the sunken ships sticking out above the water in each region.

For example you can find the chests here:

  • East side of Island of Hope.
  • Sunken galleon south of Silver Island.
  • The one northwest of Iron Island.

There is also chest at the Buffalo region. Among the Santa Maria’s ship wreck.

How to deal with the darkness of a never ending storm

On the far left side of all rock wall there is a uplit area where you dock your boat. After that it gets calmer.

If you have the Ark ship you need to use the cannon to shoot the big red glowing rocks that you can see once you sail under the arch.

How to craft a carpenter’s workbench

You put a common log on your shoulder, come close to the Carpentry Workbench, and press E to add it.

Fernan boss tip

Iron armor + armor potion = you will barely take any damage on Hard.

Put a point into potion crafting, make some potion if you don’t have any left (they are cheap and can instant heal you, beside the obvious other bonus).

I used 1 buffalo (didn’t even needed it) after a bomb at the start and killed everything with a sword, it’s actually really not hard. the last part is kinda a joke, keep swinging, don’t bother charging.


  • Looted animal carcasses can be used in Saltpeter Pit later in the game to craft Saltpeter > Gunpowder.
  • Arrows mostly last through entire game if you find them. Need skill book. Bows are extremely fun in this game. Late game bow -> firearms with certain perks.
  • Perk points are the same as survival points.
  • If you need clay, you can find it on almost every island. Just look for the ants’ habitat (termites). For example, there are 9 termite sites on Copper Island.
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