Suzerain – Guide to Being Rich (Making Money Guide)

This is a guide to being an oligarch and as rich as possible in Suzerain.

How to Make Money

Making Money

So to start off with making money:

  • Be born into a wealthy family.
  • Invest all of your money into the Arcasian electronics company (just make sure that government budget doesn’t go down below -2, I will talk more of that later).
  • Pick the L-1 railway (better for economy, oligarchs like it) and when Tusk offers you a bribe to pick Underhall as the construction company, respond with “not yet, we know you can do better than that” and accept the bribe. Also accept Koronti’s deal.
  • During the business lunch, do not promise Tusk that you will give a tax cut (we will increase taxes to keep our budget at -2). You will have a good enough standing with him, that it won’t impact your relationship much.
  • During Petr’s private party, accept Gus’s offer to invest in Underhall.
  • Send Franc to military school to save money.

These are basically the basics to increasing your personal wealth. Later in the game you can make a donation to the Sordish League of Women. If you do donate, I suggest donating just 1 personal wealth. At the end, you can splurge your wealth on campaining for the elections.

Budget Up to Turn 4

Ok, so now we get to the part about reputations and the budget (which currently really matters):

  • Since we are an oligarch, we obviously go free-market and align ourselves with the west.
  • Like I said, build the L-1 Railway and pick Underhall for it.
  • For the governmental budget, you can initiate the economic relief plan or not, doesn’t matter and then you can Increase the budget for 3 ministries if I remember correctly. Then bump up the taxes for the big businesses (I know it seems weird since we are an Oligarch, but lowering them is not really an option) and keep the taxes for the small and medium businesses the same. Then privatize education.

You should also pass centrist reforms to the constitution to make people happy and the conservatives not too pissed off. You should also go down the privatization path, how much you privatize, you can decide. Generally majority state owned for one company and minority state owned for the other are the best options, but since we are oligarchs, we can fully privatize both SSC and Nedam.

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