Suzerain – Guide to Edit Save Files

Ever just want to be a super rich guy that rule a wealthy nation? Look no further, your salvation is here. Warning: This may take away part of the fun from this game. You have been warned.

How to Edit Save Files


Location of the savegame:

  • C:Users<your username>AppDataLocalLowTorporGamesSuzerainSuzerain

You also need a text editor, preferably Notepad++ or Ultraedit, but Windows Notepad would work.

Before getting to work, you should always make a backup of your save file in case you mess up and the file cannot be loaded properly.


Ctrl+F and look for this:

  • [“SuzVar.GovernmentBudget”]=

The government budget available to you will be right behind this phrase. Change it to whatever you like.

Personal Wealth

Similar to how budget is handled but look for this phrase instead:

  • [“SuzVar.PersonalWealth”]=

Change to your heart’s desire.


There are a lot of other factors in the game you can change, such as the economy and the various factors you gain throughout the game. Do be careful when you change those though, as you may potentially screw up game progress. Like I say, always make backup files.

Written by The Mogician

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