Sweet Transit – Town Guide for New Players

A quick and very basic guide to towns.

Beginners Guide to Town

Placing Your Town Hall

A common mistake is to place your town hall next to your train station. However, the town hall is in my experience best placed at least 25 tiles away from the train station.

Train Station Range

Workers can walk a maximum of 25 tiles to the train station. However, this restriction does not matter for the town hall. This means that the train station can be put up to 32 tiles away from the town hall. Leaving more space for residences.

Managing Your Space

The game doesn’t specifically state it, however, most buildings do not need to be in range of the train station. This means that they can be put on the outskirts of your town, or in this example image, on the opposite side of the train station. Things such as the stoneworks and fishing docks only need to be within vicinity of a small storage and connected to the overall town roads to work.


While building, you will likely come across what is a not that hidden feature, but worth mentioning. You’ll be told that the fishing docks need to be in range of the markets, but placing down a market by the fishing docks wouldn’t put it close to the residential area. However, what isn’t explicitly stated in the game is that all markets within the same town share inventory. Meaning that if one gets fish thrown into it, they all have fish.

Same Town, New Station

As a final note for this guide. At some point you will reach a maximum amount of workers for one station. When you reach this point, you can then place down a second station connected to the same town and the two stations will have a shared inventory – doesn’t apply to workers or coal fuel storage.

Written by Qloshae


  1. so as the townhall can cover a bigger area than the train station, you might have people in town, but not in range of a station? This limits your available workers from a single town to the stations range. But could you do a North and South Station then to cover a larger area?

    • Yes. Technically, you can have 4 stations, NW, NE, SW and SE and this could then cover the entirety/majority of the city area. Keep in mind though that then you need to manage all stations’ labourers as they will only go to the station that is within range.

  2. Thank you for this! It answered a question I was struggling with, namely do storage buildings need to be placed within range of a station. Glad to know I can spread my cities out a little more. Much appreciated

  3. Nicely done – thats a great village layout and explaining the distance to station as well as the use of subsequent stations is awesome!

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