Sword of the Stars Complete Collection – How to Play on Linux

SOTS on Linux


  1. When installing the game use compatability and use Proton 7.x.x, at the time of writing the guide this is the latest stable version of proton and it works. (Right click game in library -> Properties… -> Compatability, tick the checkbox and select proton version)
  2. Run the game once (it fails to run)
  3. Browse the game files (right click game in library -> Manage -> Browse local files)
  4. Copy following files to /home directory (from the browsed game files in step 3)

(Copying to /home most likely requires admin rights, so use terminal to copy files with sudo)

  1. Use protontricks to install d3dx9 for SOTS wineprefix.

You can either use GUI:

protontricks –gui

Or a commandline:

protontricks 42890 d3x9

(42890 is the SOTS game ID number used by steam)

You should be able to run the game fine now.

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