SYMMETRY – 100% Full Achievement Guide

This guide was written based on “Be Brave” difficulty – the easier of the two difficulties. The difficulty you play on doesn’t affect the unlocking of achievements.

Complete Achievement Walkthrough


I recommend playing at full speed all the time, and pausing when you need to check crew status and give new commands. Remember you can pause with Spacebar, pan left/right with A/D and zoom in/out with W/S.

You start with three crew members. You want to:

  • Send the one with highest food production skill to go cook.
  • Send the remaining one with higher electrowaste search to learn electrowaste search.
  • Send the last one to gather lumber once, then electrowaste.

Achievements Guide

Once everyone has their jobs, repair the fridge with the 8 electrowaste you start with.


  • Fix anything

And we gather lumber once for the achievement:


  • Start fire

Lumber is useless for the rest of the game now. It’s purpose is to keep the ship warm, but the cost of keeping lumber stocked and repairing heaters isn’t worth it.

For the first few days, prioritise the two crew members to learn electrowaste search and the food producer learn food production. This makes them gather 10 resource per round trip which is very useful in the long run.

Upgrade electrowaste storage to 100 and fridge to 60 when you have the resources, but don’t go below 10 in case something breaks. Remember it’s easier to see when stuff needs fixing by zooming out.


  • Max upgrade electro waste container

Eventually one round trip to gather electrowaste will cost more than half of your crew member’s health, so you’ll want to rest them when they come back.

And that’s pretty much the entire game. You have one crew member permanently producing food and the rest out gathering electrowaste. Just make sure to always rest/feed the crew members when they come back.

If you do mess up and one of your crew members die, immediately ALT+F4 to close the game. The game only autosaves at the beginning of each day, so as long as you discover the body before the autosave, you don’t need to start a new game.

When the food stock is full, have the food producer learn the other skills to work towards “Scholar”. Remember your food producer needs rest/food too.

As electrowaste storage reaches full capacity, spend it on other upgrades. The upgrade order doesn’t matter anymore as the rest of the stuff is pretty useless. Maybe the weather station first so you don’t need to waste any more resources repairing it when it goes down.

On day 9 a 4th crew member will join and you’ll unlock an achievement.

Engineer Is In

  • Mark comes back

Immediately send Mark to learn electrowaste search and have him join the other two. Mark also brings a new skill to learn: power plant operations. This skill makes it so you can repair the power plant without using electrowaste and adds a backup battery so you can still operate when the power goes out.

After Mark finishes learning electrowaste search, send the food producer to learn power plant operations.


  • Max upgrade all skills

There’s very little variation now for the rest of the game, you have three crew members repeat the “gather electrowaste > rest/feed” cycle and the food producer makes food/fixes the power plant when it goes down. As before, remember to check the food producer’s condition as it’s easy to forget about them.

By day 17 I had finished the rest of the upgrades:

Sub Zero

  • Max upgrade fridge

Weather Forecast

  • Max upgrade weather station

Backup Power

  • Max upgrade battery


  • Max upgrade wood container

At this stage, start repairing the spaceship on the left end. I recommend starting with the most expensive Power Supply Module (costs 90), then Right Engine (costs 70). Don’t repair the Left Engine (costs 50) yet.

On day 19, you should earn another achievement after the AI talks to you for the first time.

First Contact

  • First contact with AI

On day 21, another crew member joins you.

Unexpected Visit

  • Richard comes back

Richard doesn’t bring anything new and at this stage you’ll just want to keep gathering electrowaste and focus on surviving.

5 members and only 2 health pods makes juggling the crew members more annoying, but remember you can pull half-healed members out early if someone else is closer to dying. Your priority now is surviving the 30 days without anyone dying.

By day 27 I had enough electrowaste for the final ship repair, but don’t repair it yet as you can’t do anything except escape after repairing the ship. Do whatever you want until day 30.

Hardcore Survivor

  • Survive 30 days

I recommend backing up your save now as the last achievement during the ending is a bit finicky. Your save is located in: %localappdata%\Symmetry.

The save file is automatically deleted after the ending, so there’s no going back otherwise.

Repair the final ship part. If you still have a full crew:

Sunday Trip

  • End with healthy crew

Now you want to wait until one of your crew members is infected by the AI. They are “infected” when they’re both tired and hungry and look glitchy. It doesn’t seem to work if they’re only tired or hungry, needs to be both. This is why I recommended backing up your save, so you can play with your crew’s statuses a bit before doing the final repair.

Patient Zero

  • End with infected crew

Now you can board the spaceship and view the ending.

This playthrough took me ~75 minutes.

Second Playthrough?

If a crew member died and you messed up either ending, you’ll need to start a new game.

You can skip most upgrades this playthrough and just focus on:

  • Learning electrowaste search with two crew members and food production with the other.
  • Upgrade electrowaste storage to 100 and fridge to 60.
  • Ship upgrades.

Skipping everything else, I was finished by day 14 and a playthrough took ~40 minutes.

Clean Up

You should have three achievements left, all related to death.

Start a new game or survival mode.

Kill a crew member by clicking the skull on the left.

There Will Be Blood

  • Kill a crew member

Bury them.


  • Bury a dead crew member

Kill another and eat.

Bon Apetit

  • Eat a crew member
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