Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga – Character Creation Questions

The starting questions affect your main character’s stats and stats growth. This guide shows you which answer affects which stat.

List of Character Creation Questions


ldr is a one time bonus. Each answer gives you 1 starting ldr.

Other stats will give you a starting bonus and also a growth bonus on each level up.

  1. When on death’s door, what will you consider a life well-lived?
  • I did it all my way :str
  • I fulfilled who I was meant to be :int
  • Many will mourn my passing :ldr
  1. A desperate beggar corners you, demanding money. What do you do?
  • Intimidate him into backing down. :str
  • Talk your way out of the situation. :skl
  • Offer him a warm meal at the local pub. :ldr
  1. What is the most important trait a leader should have?
  • The ability to bring people together :ldr
  • An unshakeable love for the people :int
  • The power to command respect and fear :str
  1. What most leads to the downfall of great civilizations?
  • Faithlessness :str
  • Poverty :skl
  • Intolerance :ldr
  1. You were blessed with a child. If you could choose their fate, what would it be?
  • A famous musician :skl
  • A great general :ldr
  • A devout follower of the faith :int
  1. What do you look for most in a mate?
  • Beauty :str
  • Wealth and Prestige :skl
  • Intellect :int
  1. As a potential ruler in difficult times, what are your most effective tools?
  • Your kind heart :int
  • Your inspiring charisma :ldr
  • Fear :str
  1. Which personal flaw do you want to avoid most?
  • Deceptive and exploitative :ldr
  • Easily manipulated :skl
  • Lack of Willpower :int
  1. You must give up your most valuable possession. What is it?
  • Your vast wealth :skl
  • Your battle prowess :str
  • Your faith :int

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