System Shock – All Wire Puzzle Solutions (Enhanced Edition)

A solution to all the wire puzzles in the game.

Solutions for All Wire Puzzles

All credit goes to Button Eyes!


During your playthrough, you will stumble upon panels that has puzzles in it, usually solving it opens a nearby locked door, but sometimes it has other functions such as extending a bridge, etc. There are 2 types of puzzles, a “tile switching” one where you must make all symbols in the panel the same, and wire puzzles, where you connect several wires to reach the required minimum power needed.

You can always use Logic Probes dropped (sometimes) from robot enemies to instantly solve them, but you are better off saving them for the tile puzzles, which are kinda harder since there are no definite guide or solution to solve them. Wire puzzles have a fixed solution, which is why I made this guide.

The solutions are made by the Origin team, and you even have the manual in your game files. Right-click on Properties and then browse local files. At SS1EE > Bonus Content > Guides you will find 3 guides, this one is from the “System Shock Maps” one. You will see some pretty detailed maps of the areas, with marked points of interests, which can help if you’re hunting down the security cameras and finding out about unentered areas. The solutions are at the bottom of the guide.

The wires in the solutions have multiple colors, but it is because it’s designed with the max difficulty in mind. If you play on lower difficulties, some wires may have the same colors. In that case, just follow the positions. If there are colored wires though, make sure that the colors match the positions as well. There’s also short descriptions of where the wires are located and what they do, I won’t go into detail in this as they are quite obvious. Or if you want, you can check the map in the original guide.


Closing and Acknowledgements

Credits to the Origin team for assembling the solutions of the wire puzzles, which can save minutes or even hours of frustration, either from trying to solve it on your own or finding videos in which someone solved it. I only made this guide to make it easier to find and make people aware the solutions exist right under their noses, in the game files. If this is not allowed, let me know and I will take this guide down.

I also want to state another point by making this guide, that you should also check bonus content of the games you own. They might contain cool stuff, such as concept art, soundtracks, etc. And most importantly guides, which can help if the solutions and/or mechanics are not really well-known or talked about. Lastly, don’t forget to have fun!

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