Pizza Tower – How to Get All The Outfits

Color Swaps

  • Unfunny Cook (Gray) – End a combo on the “unfunny” title
  • Sage Blue (Blue) – Finish all World 1 levels under an hour
  • Money Green (Green) – Have the maximum amount of money you can get upon getting to Vigilante
  • Blood Red (Red) – Kill 1000 enemies in a playthrough
  • TV Purple (Purple) – P Rank every level
  • Dark Cook (Black) – No hit every boss
  • ♥ Cook (Brown) – Crouch on the same poop spot in Oh ♥! for 10 seconds
  • Golden God (Gold) – S Rank every level
  • Garish Cook (Pink) – Taunt 50 times
  • Mooney Orange (Orange) – Donate your last 50 dollars to Mr. Mooney

Pattern / Texture Outfits

  • Funny Polka – End your combo on the “funny” title
  • Itchy Sweater – Get hit by Grandpa Pepper in Pig City
  • Pizza Man – Beat the game once
  • Bowling Stripes – Kill 30 bowling pin rats
  • Goldemanne – Get every achievement
  • Bad Bones – Get hurt 50 times
  • PP Shirt – Beat the game twice
  • War Camo – Beat war on your first attempt
  • John Suit – Beat the game with all treasures under 2 hours and 15 minutes


  1. tutorial probably isn’t technically counted but you can’t access the other stages anyway and it counts from first loading into the save file i’m pretty sure so it may as well count

  2. When you say about finishing all of the world 1 levels in under an hour, does this mean that the outfit is permanently missable if you don’t do it the first time?

    • AFAIK, some of the outfits are permanently missable, yes. However, outfits are shared between your save files, so you can make a new save, get the Sage Blue outfit, and then go back to your main file.

  3. I beat war on my first attempt but didn’t get the camo. Something tells me there’s something else to it.

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