System Shock – How to Solve Storage Puzzle

A short, step by step guide for the float-pad puzzle in Storage.

Storage Puzzle Solution

Where Is the Puzzle?

The puzzle is located in Storage Room #5.

What Do I Get by Beating the Puzzle?

You can find a KF-18 Skorpion, a pretty handy machine gun, as well as an audiolog, an Illudium-Cadmium battery, some teflon rounds, magnetic-pulse cartridges, a plasma core and a medkit.

Oh, and a Cyborg Mantis, just around the corner.

You can also find some cameras whose destruction contributes to the overall level security percentage – and if you manage to get 0%, allow me to congratulate to you for winning a free, upgraded pair of Turbo Boots in Storage 6.

The Video

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  1. Even easier. Have any version of the rocket boots. Face the lift diagonally. Get something like 5 meters back, then sprint into the side of the lift in such a way that you only cross it’s corner and immediately fly into the door. If done right, you will fling yourself into the door faster than the lift can stop you.

    • Oh and rocket boots are much easier and earlier to get in flight deck. You literally need to pass one bulkhead, trip three switches, then crawl through the assassin vent. And you get V2 boots. Usually better to go to flight deck before storage for that reason, the early V2 boots make the verticality much, much easier to manage.

  2. As soon as door to the last lift is open, you can just throw EMP grenade to temporarily disable all lifts and pass.

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