Tails: The Backbone Preludes – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Tails releasing?

  • February the 2nd!

What time is it releasing at?

  • 18:00 CET!

What platforms will it Tails be available on?

  • Tails is currently available for PC only.

Is the game available for Mac or Linux?

  • Not currently.

Do you plan on releasing the game on other platforms?

  • Not currently.

How much will the game cost?

  • The game will cost $14.99, €14.99 and £12.99 depending on where you’re located. There will also be a Backbone Series Bundle including the Backbone and Tails with 25% off!

What languages is the game available in?

  • Currently the game is only available in English.

Do you plan to offer new languages at any stage?

  • Not currently.

What is Tails: The Backbone Preludes about?

  • Read the Steam description ya filthy animal!
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