Tap Wizard 2 – Era 6 Builds Guide

Era 6 Builds

Build #1

  • 3x Mirrors

Trying out this build now. Dodge rush, totems (mostly), accel, Elemental chaos for ESE, +souls traits, nochanter, and elemental inversion for cast speed and build tweaking. Requires 3x mirrors, and traits in the top right must be picked in a specific order to prevent traits from becoming unreachable over red paths in the dense cluster. Skipped Master Reclaimer and Overcharge to try nochanting out for size.

Build #2

What I’ve been liking has been Elemental Master with Perk Fairy+Randomoniom. I’ll list some things that this setup has going on for it:

  • PF gets better the more staff levels you have, because it’s easier to fill out good perks with few levels, and/or to get that all-important first level of a perk activated
  • Randomoniom of course lets you make full use of PF, ensuring that all of your perks are being used
  • EM is the best character to make use of a build where you aren’t in control of the spells you’re equipping, since you just trade this level of control with a better damage multiplier (which gets exponentially better than regular multipliers the more staff levels you have, and levels 60~70 are about where it takes off, see the attachment)
  • You’re also making full use of the extra traits you get from empowered stars, since they’re recycled into perks of equipped spells
  • TC has been hard at work to balance the overall spell pool, meaning that you’re less reliant on hitting a particularly good spell to push some extra waves. another consequence is that you don’t risk having a run take longer than the average because you aren’t seeing that one perk that justifies your build.
  • It’s very idle-friendly, if you keep open the staff window you collect your level ups automatically, and of course you don’t need to micromanage perks.

Build #3

Run with dodgemania and either shielded or fountain of runes with a q2 shield rune. I always do cryo prison builds.

Could also just use q1 shield runes and run fates other than fountain of runes. Also note that wind up and elemental inversion are kinda meh so I could see dropping those in favor of 10% trove chance

Build #4

This is updated build that is geared towards more active play than my original nochanting one. Runs dodge synergy, rush/accel, grabs all the +souls traits, copycat mandatory for speed, and uses most of the good totem synergy nodes for sustain, multiproc totems. In all, this allows for a lot of independence when picking limbo traits and fate combinations, so you can save dice Re rolls for more important things. My performance with this build is reliable 1-2 hour no-consumable awakenings across a variety of traits and fates. Possible areas of modification are going for Specialist over Specialist Mk2 (which doesn’t appear to increase run performance measurably), grabbing Elemental Contagion, or dropping some traits entirely in favor of trove% nodes.

Build #5

For mirrors, I use this setup; explaining the core below (other stuff feels nice-to-have but not core to the build):

  • [Dodge] Explosive dodge and Acrobatics are great, I really enjoyed Era 5’s additive dodges so I tried to grab as much as I could here
  • [Vengeance] Vengeful + I Am Vengeance is really awesome for me; it means that I can consistently get all of my elemental overload (EO) and elemental purity (EP) perks to proc. Plus, paired with companion traits Soften the Fall and Maverick and Professional, I think I basically don’t need to ever worry about EO and EP anymore.
  • [Status] Elemental Acceleration and Status Fiend and Elemental Contagion are great together, especially for fast spells like Shard Bolter

I’m not sure that I like Nochanter, it feels undertuned maybe? I could be totally crazy though…

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